Why the Next Resident Evil Has Something to Prove

Resident Evil 2 was a home run, but what about Resident Evil 3? Will it be as well received?

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dgeviper8d ago

Yes. Fans are nothing if not nostalgic. This will sell just as well as Resident Evil 2 did.

AK918d ago

Um no it doesn't its like Doom Eternal a game fans want and deserve.

ibrake4naps8d ago

I'm just waiting on a sequel to part7

rustyspoon807d ago

I'm hoping the rumors are true and they're developing 2 new games. 1 as a follow up to 7 (including VR) and a second more traditional game.
Need a new full VR game.

Knightofelemia8d ago

I wonder if they will remake Code Veronica after RE8? RE3 should do well with sales the RE Engine is a great looking engine RE7 and RE2 remake both look great with that engine and both are great to play. Can't wait to see how the RE Engine evolves on the PS5 and Series X.

IRetrouk8d ago

Played the demo, met the new nemesis, am in love all over again

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The story is too old to be commented.