Mortal Kombat 11 Ash Williams DLC Leaked via Newsletter

An official newsletter email that is making it's way to out, may have just confirmed the previous leaked Mortal Kombat 11 Ash Williams DLC.

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robtion3d ago

Yeah that's cool. If they do a second season pass I would like to see some more 90's comic character similar to Spawn. Lady Death, Jackie from The Darkness, Witchblade, etc.

LMosche3d ago

People actually want unfunny characters like this in Mortal Kombat? Im the only one who wants real characters like Smoke or more comic stuff?

mafiahajeri4d ago

The DLC characters in MK11 shit on MKX.

Nitrowolf23d ago

I just wish they handled the release schedule a lot better, or at least had better content in between things, like massive refreshes or something

3d ago
Bnet3433d ago

The DLC characters in both games are shit. Guest characters forced upon the consumer because of the publisher.

xTonyMontana3d ago

Loads of people were excited by Ash. He's a great fit for the game and Bruce Campbell already announced he's doing the voiceover for him so that's even more hype. Worth a character slot alone for his voice conversations with the rest of the cast.

AnubisG3d ago

Guy from Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. You haven't seen these movies?

Smokehouse3d ago

Speaking of, the rights to army of darkness and evil dead are owned by different people. I can’t remember who owns what but I know the ash from evil dead (current ash) can’t mention anything from army of darkness. Lines from that movie probably won’t be in MK11. Evil dead ash is fine though lol. Unless they bought the AOD rights. Which fits better imo.

AnubisG3d ago


Interesting, I didn't know that.

Nitrowolf23d ago


did a bit of digging, still unsure who owns AoD rights, but Orion and MGM are licensed to his him. I think universal owns the rights? Maybe sam Rami

xTonyMontana3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

If you don't know who he is and love horror comedies, go watch Evil Dead 1 and 2 plus Army of Darkness. Ash is the horror one liner king.

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