Avalanche Studios Teases New Game, Reveals Updated Brand Identity

Avalanche Studios just announced a studio-wide restructuring into three separate divisions. They have also teased a new game with a brief trailer.

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8d ago
sander97028d ago

I'm not really feeling it, it doesn't look that interesting and graphics don't look "next-gen".
Hope I'm wrong though it's just a teaser after all but if it's a game about fighting spiders in a cave then count me out.

Prince-Ali8d ago

I know right!!! I was genuiney thinking the same thing!! Avalanche dont really know how to make games outside of their genre... which is a shame considering how creative they are in Just Cause, they should really sit on these ideas a little longer before attempting to produce any of them.

Stay-Toasty8d ago

You know they made Rage 2 right? I think they'll do well with any kind of genre, especially an FPS after Rage. It wasnt great but it sure as hell was fun to play and the shooting felt amazing.

Prince-Ali3d ago


You do know that the game was developed by id Software AND Avalanche right..? looool it's ALWAYS been reported that Avalanche was brought in due to Bethesda being impressed by Avalanche's Mad Max game and it's vehicle combat which is LITERALLY repeated in Rage 2 and developed further and of course the work done on Just Cause. id who are the FPS pedigree developer 100% handled all the shooting mechanics so no i wont attribute FPS gameplay to Avalanche! EVERY game they have created with shooting mechanics has been poor so the shooting mechanics from Rage which are incredibleeeee! you'd be a fool to believe it was Avalanche looool

sprinterboy8d ago

Your not feeling oh shit what's in the cave? Small teaser but it interested me enough to think OK I keep an eye on it with some interest.

sander97028d ago

Yeah of course I will keep an eye on it and it peeked some interest but it's not like "oh Sh*t wtf is this yo!?" that I'm waiting for from next-gen games.

Eidolon8d ago

Omg yeah. I felt like, what is in that cave??? Definitely high quality title.

Listen to yourself.

5d ago
Prince-Ali8d ago

No disrespect but this looks like a 2011 CryEngine Tech demo built by college students...

bangoskank8d ago

Don't wish ill on anyone but good studios have shut down while some not so great ones are thriving. Just an observation.

Palitera8d ago

So you probably call "good" the financially irresponsible studios. Avalanche could have spent 5 times their budget on the trailer, for instance.

bangoskank8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No. Referring to the quality of their games. Mad Max was dull, Rage 2 seemed mediocre, Generation 0 looks like no effort was put into it. This looks no different.

Eidolon8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I prefer Mad Max over Rage 2.. Just Cause 4 wasn't much of a change over Just Cause 3. I mean I got bored kinda quick with JC4..

MAULxx7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I played the heck out of Mad Max. It did need some patches after launch but after they were in it was great.

Palitera7d ago

Rage 2 was incredibly BAD for such nice concept and devs... Just Cause 4 I didn't even download for free.
But, regardless of perceived quality: the biggest difference between them and other studios is that they're still on business, and that probably comes from being financially responsible and chosing viable products and processes when others didn't not.
Again: They could have spent 20 millions more on any game and go the Kingdoms of Amalur way. Apparently they didn't.

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Giblet_Head8d ago

Still holding out for a Mad Max sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.