Rehab For Addicted Gamers Opens

There is good news – well, news – for teenagers and even adults who are addicted to playing online games. A rehab centre has just opened in HCM City to bring them back from their insidious virtual world.

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HighDefinition5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

This is my favorite picture on the ENTIRE internet.

PoSTedUP5432d ago

f that, videogames keep me AWAY from drugs man, and its best to be sober more than anything. id rather be addicted to ps3 than addicted to weed and dope, i owe sony and videogames alot for keeping me busy and entertained instead of doing drugs man ya know thats why i support sony so much, just dont let vidgames get in the way of school casue thats the second most important thing next to staying healthy, for real. peace

Hellsvacancy5431d ago

Im a heavy pot smoker (im smokin whilst im typing now) i smoke hell of a lot less when im on my Ps3 then wot i do when im not

I watched The Dark Knight last night and in 2.5 hours i must of smoked 4-6 spliffs, but when i played GtaIv online last night i smoked just 1 in the 2hours of play-time

The Ps3 IS my rehab

PoSTedUP5431d ago

word yo, i needed to quit so i just turned to my ps3. been clean ever since : ) trust me man it feels great to be sober, you should try it! : D


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FreeckyCake15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

They already made a couple of " The Mummy " games, and honestly, they all sucked big time. The Last one I've played was the game iteration of Tom of the Dragon Emperor, and that was disappointing.

Dredd has been made into ... I think 4 games? the last one I played was Judge Dredd vs Death. It was based on the comics, and it ended in a cliffhanger. If only a sequel were to be made...

Edit: Still a great topic, though!

I think the closest you can have to Kill Bill is No More Heroes 1. The vibes, the coolness, the gore and everything just screams Kill Bill! Kill Bill! Kill BIll!!!! haha


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