IGN: Castlevania Judgment Review

Wii's first Castlevania game is 3D, a fighter, and... good?

So when we first got word that the latest Castlevania - and the first on Wii, mind you - would be not only 3D in design, but also a fighter, testing new grounds for the series entirely, you can understand why we entered with a bit of skepticism. After our playthrough, or fears seems to be coming true, as the game played pretty clunky, there was little to no depth in the battle mechanic, and characters all felt about as generic and similar as possible. For a huge Castlevania nut such as myself, it was a serious letdown.

What a difference a few months can make.

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TheColbertinator5242d ago

Aw man.I really hoped this game would be good

Nugan5242d ago

Check out the full review.

They lavish all kinds of praise on the game, particularly on its depth. The only major faults they find are a problematic camera and some iffy button mapping. Honestly, it reads more like an 8.0 review than a 7.5. I sort of suspect it lost half a point for not being a "true" Castlevania title.

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it, as there a lot of big games coming out this month, but it doesn't sound bad at all, regardless.

Captain_Sony5242d ago


After going the distance with Castlevania Judgment on Wii, I want more, and I'm surprised to say it. Castlevania could be a stronger series on Wii than just a spin-off fighter - either in a full-on 3D adventure, or in the preferred 2D style, which could make for an amazing Symphony-like take on the platform - but the final offering Iga and his team has put together is one that still offers a huge amount of fan service to Castlevania lovers, and a deep, fun fighter for those that maybe haven't paid that much attention to the series over the years. " Sounds like a good game to me. Just the person who linked it wanting to mislead people.

Mahr5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

Well, I feel a little cheated. I was expecting (and kind of hoping) that the review would be a vicous deconstructing of the game as some kind of horrendous crime against the world.

'It's actually pretty good despite some issues' doesn't make for as compelling a read. :/

Blink_445242d ago

I expecting this to be horrible but i guess it is decent. I might give it a rent.

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