Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Tuesday 18th November 2008

Console Monster writes: "With the New Xbox Experience launching tomorrow, some of today's content could be the first of many you download via the PC Xbox Live Marketplace. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Tuesday 18th November 2008:

Name: Mirror's Edge Launch Trailer
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: NFS Undercover TV Spot (Post-Launch)
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Shaun White Snowboarding Hang with Your Friends Theme
Price: 150 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions..."

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GWAVE5719d ago

Are there free themes on XBL?

Not flaming, just asking, because whenever I perused the Marketplace I would see themes for sale. Of course, that was back when I owned a 360 earlier this year in March, so I'm wondering if things have changed.

Bnet3435719d ago

Yes, there are free themes on Xbox Live.

GWAVE5719d ago

Okay. Thanks for the answer.

How do I get disagrees for asking a question though. :^P

likedamaster5719d ago

Yes there are free themes and gamerpics even game content. Epic games just gave us a new GEARS 2 "premium" theme for free to use now and when NXE arrives tomorrow.

rev205719d ago

Yes their are some free themes and other free stuff on xbox live its normally in the minority though.

elorm95719d ago

Dang... How much do you have to pay for those?

Bnet3435719d ago

Premium themes are usually 150 Points.

likedamaster5719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

The NXE sucks. Microsoft sucks. You suck. LOL. Thought I'd take over for some fanboy before they post. heh. Actually, I'm looking forward to the new NXE. I have games to download, drive making too much noise right now.

...dang, i miss pp and his GEARS OF WAR 2 (GOTY 2008) TripleAAA CONFIRMED!!! comments. LOL

GWAVE5719d ago

The game installs are by and large the best feature of NXE. Being able to install your games for faster loads and less disc noise is always a nice thing.

lokiroo4205719d ago

Yeah its a really good thing for all the arcades sold.

ptmidos5718d ago

New Xbox Experience delayed till 11/21...


Battlefield 2042 Mirror's Edge Easter Egg Surfaces in Season 4 Map

It seems that in Season 4, DICE has snuck in a Battlefield 2042 Mirror's Edge Easter egg in the new Flashpoint map.


10 Old Games With Outstanding Graphics

GF365: "There are some games with extraordinary visuals that impress us to this day. Here are old games with outstanding graphics."

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ShwaaMan536d ago

Bioshock still looks fantastic, one of my all time favorites.

Yui_Suzumiya536d ago

Beyond: Two Souls on PS3 can compete with modern day graphics.

SonyStyled536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

Same as Killzone 2 and 3, uncharted 2 and 3, Infamous 2, Heavy Rain, Resistance 3

jasonismoney536d ago

I wish this was entirely true, but you might want to load up Killzone 2 and Resistance 3 again.

SonyStyled535d ago

@jason I watched some gameplay videos of KZ2 and R3 on my full screen. They are on par or succeed graphically to the first person shooters mentioned in the article that also launched on the seventh generation of consoles. Try the same and see what you think

cthulhucultist535d ago

Killzone 3 was super impressive! I could not believe the graphics back then as I was regularly pausing the game to stand in awe looking at the surroundings! Resistance however did not impress me that much. Heavy rain is also another amazing graphically speaking game. It almost felt next gen

Fist4achin536d ago

I always thought the first 3 Gears of War games looked great and still hold up for today.

SonyStyled536d ago

They did for their day. I recently played gears judgement with on the 360 and the draw distance was so blurry. The characters up close look great though

JEECE535d ago

Far Cry 2 was awesome. In addition to having demonstrably better physics and AI than later games in the series, it had a lot of design decisions that, criticized at the time, have since been praised in games like BOTW and Dark Souls.

iNcRiMiNaTi535d ago

It might not be super amazing by today's standard but I thought Mgs3 looked really good

JEECE535d ago

In terms of art style it still holds up.

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Mirror's Edge achievement designer: "Achievements have been bad for gaming"

Ubisoft Massive lead gameplay designer Fredrik Thylander, previously of DICE where he worked on Battlefield and Mirror's Edge, has spoken out about achievements and trophies, arguing that they "have been bad for gaming."

Machina553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

The achievements in Mirror's Edge opened my eyes to a whole other way of approaching the game. Since some of the toughest and most rewarding ones are basically whole levels turned into time trials with very strict time requirements, they force you to become much better at the game - in a way that difficulty levels just don't - and made me appreciate the mechanics that much more (especially the momentum-based running and platforming).

They actually made the game better for those like me who really enjoyed the game but wanted more of it, basically adding a new level of difficulty that took a long time to master/overcome. It added some extra longevity to a very short game.

He says "it eats resources that could have made the game better". I'm curious what he thinks the time he spent designing the achievements for the game would've been better spent on, because I expect bang for buck-wise achievements are a pretty efficient way of adding value to a game for the people who end up loving it.