Here is what a next-generation Half-Life Gordon Freeman could look like in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Artstation's "LITTLE RED ZOMBIES" has created a next-generation character model of Half-Life's Gordon Freeman in Unreal Engine 4."

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D3vilzRightHand255d ago

I hope we get to meet him or at least see him in HL - Alyx.

BioShockGX255d ago

I'm not gay, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

abstractel254d ago

I don't blame artists for doing this, they might love these characters and just want to show their love for a game. However, in many cases it's all about getting attention. The studios I've worked with always preferred original creations as it is a lot more difficult. It's fairly easy to extract 3D models and textures for a lot of DX9/DX10/DX11 titles on PC. Then you use that to refine everything. I'm not saying it doesn't require skills, but it's definitely easier than creating your own character from scratch.

UltimateOwnage254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I'd rather see him in the next Source Engine, the heck with Epic.