7 Improvements A ‘Banjo-Kazooie’ Remake Could Really Benefit From

Before the series went dark, by far one of the most promising attempts at a new Banjo game was 2005’s canceled Banjo-X for the first Xbox.

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PhoenixUp137d ago

Rare isn’t interested in revisiting their classic IPs ever since Nuts & Bolts

Aside from Rare Replay, anytime any of their old IPs has resurfaced since 2008 it was handled by a separate developer

FlyingFoxy137d ago

Rare ain't doing squat with these kinds of games, and people say it's because of others being too P.C with games like Conker, but other companies still release what basically amounts to being pornographic games like Senran Kagura etc..

jambola137d ago

Let someone else make it

BlackIceJoe137d ago

Personally I'd prefer to see a new game over a remake, because in a way there already was one on the Xbox 360 and it is time for something new.