GiantBomb: Left 4 Dead Review

A shortage of content is the only thing keeping this unique cooperative zombie shooter from eating you alive.

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GWAVE3836d ago

Good score. Despite the shortage of content and hum-ho graphics, I hope that gamers will look beyond the game for a top-notch co-op experience.

This plus Resistance 2 plus a few matches of Guilty Gear has me and my buddies completely occupied when we hang out.

GWAVE3836d ago

Lol. I'm amazed no one is commenting on this article...or maybe it was moderated. Hilarious.

GiantEnemyCrab3836d ago

Agreed. Probably going to pick it up on Friday and do some Zombie killing this weekend!

pp3836d ago

Definitely the best co-op game out.Sh*ts all over Resistance 2 co-op 100 times.And then more and more.

ReTarDedFisHy3836d ago

You can say that when you've played both. I mean either one of them.

likedamaster3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

LOL. Loving it.

Harry1903836d ago

reviewed this game on a scale of 5. A normal scale people can understand, not a 6 or a 4 for example.

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