Penello Talks PS5; Says He’s Not Disappointed & Believes that Sony Is Making Some Very Smart Moves

Following Sony’s PS5 deep-dive, former Xbox Marketing Director Albert Penello has been talking about Sony’s upcoming next-gen console.

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CaptainHenry9161048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Price to performance, reputation, and if the Last of us 2 and Ghost of Tuishima reviews well Sony will have the advantage at launch. Not to mention all they need is one big exclusive at launch. Spider-Man 2 or Horizon would be a perfect launch title just saying. If they can sell this thing at $399 or $450 it's a win.

CaptainCook1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Meanwhile, Gears of War 5 Multiplayer will be running at 120fps on Xbox Series X. Confirmed by Digital Foundry.

I'd choose Framerate over loading times anyday

dantesparda1048d ago

Yuck, GoW5.
And of course Gow5 can run on sX at 120 frames it was design to run on xb1, a 1.3TF machine. Unimpressed!

CaptainHenry9161048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Have not been interested in Gears since the early and mid 2000s. It feels stale and old to me now. Good game back in the day though. I could have played Gears 5 in that framerate with my PC so what is your point?

PS. What makes you think the PS5 can't run games in 120fps?

neutralgamer19921048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )


i can say for certain both console will be able to do 4k/60FPS or a bit lower res at 120FPS

I just don't want anymore 30FPS games


price will be a huge factor especially if one console is $499 and the other is $399. It's about initial momentum and market share. Demon souls remake will launch with ps5

1048d ago
TOTSUKO1048d ago

SSD is not just for loading times. It is tied to the gpu and has 2 cores (Almost equivalent to Zen 2 cores) in its controller to act as an extra pool of bandwidth. Confirmed by Digital Foundry.

Not to mention developers are more excited about the SSD tech they wanted for decades compared to extra power.

BTW Gears 5 is the worst Gears in the series. Can't believe people using that game as an argument when its even review bombed on the Xbox store itself.

BehindTheRows1048d ago

And I can run it, right now, at 144HZ on a device far better. So, you made absolutely no point at all. This is on top of the fact that, given the chance, the PS5 would be able to run Gears 5 under those same conditions I know some of you see some major "gap" here, but it doesn't exist.

Is the Series X more powerful? Yes. Is it big (like Pro → X big)? No. Not even close.

SyntheticForm1048d ago

I can't fully agree with this just because I personally don't care about Gears 5 at 120. I do agree about load time vs frame rate though.

I'd rather have better frame rates than faster load times, but, that's me.

Hungryalpaca1048d ago

If you’re choosing framerate over load times you should be playing on PC then.

Elda1048d ago

That is no way to sway me to buy an XBSX because of an old game that runs 120fps. Show off some new original must play AAA exclusives running at 120fps that will be impressive.

Exvalos1048d ago

You really going to be impressed at a last gen game, which was built to run on xbox vanilla, running 120 frames on next gen hardware? Must be nice to be an xbox dude as your expectations are so incredibly low.

REALAS1048d ago

And old games over new games, apparently.

S2Killinit1048d ago

Well if you like Gears of War 5 in smooth frames go for it. Im more excited for what Sony delivers generation after generation.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1048d ago

I'll choose better games of the average gears of war thanks, Gears is exactly whats wrong with Xbox, mediocre and boring.

tay87011048d ago

Great so you get to play an enhanced mediocre game. While we get game of the year contenders with t.l.o.u.2 and g.o.t.

leejohnson2221048d ago

Oh really like all games on the X were said to be 4k and they simply were not?
Or high fidelity vr ? Best to wait and see as execs tend to lie

outsider16241048d ago

Happy for you man. But ill take Spiderman 2, Hzd, gow2 anytime anyday over 250fps gears of war.

Infact ill take GofTsushima and Tlou2 over it anyday.

1048d ago
TheKingKratos1048d ago

""Meanwhile, Gears of War 5 Multiplayer will be running at 120fps on Xbox Series X. Confirmed by Digital Foundry.""

Wow... that's soo awesome , i am sure people will run like bats from hell to buy xbox now
/s 😒

It's like you guys live in another world.. how is gears 5 sales btw ?

MrVux0001048d ago

That's not much of a braging point considering GOW5 is a current gen game...

dekke1048d ago

im glad u have 120hz TV :P

morganfell1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

One remark I read quite often on this site is the comment that technical specifications matter to people that visit sites like this because they are of more importance to knowledgeable people with insight as when compared to the average gamer. Then they turn around and make a remark that undercuts their entire claim by blindly focusing on one number.

A Teraflop is a contrived number. It is a technical estimation computed by examining the design of the chip. It is not a guarantee you will get that same number of teraflops on the screen because that silicon can be bottlenecked and/or hamstrung at any point along the way.

There is a reason developers are excited by memory throughput on the new consoles. Comments about this new feature dominate the remarks made by developers since word of this feature was announced by both Microsoft and Sony. Developers were not beaming over the new silicon graphics possibilities, it was the SSD offerings. Not even the possibility of raytracing excited developers as much as the SSD throughput. And in that matter the throughput of the PS5 is twice that of the Xbox series X. Laymen, of which there are more on this site than some think, do not understand how the SSD pipeline affects graphics including frame rate. With a custom flash controller to manage the flow insuring no bottleneck, and CUs operating at a higher clock speed no one downplaying the PS5 should be counting their triangles yet.

moriarty18891048d ago

the same gears 5 that has been abysmal online since the initial surge of players after it debuted?

bouzebbal1048d ago

Haha this clown is still around?let's look at the game and compare what's really appealing. X1x is a proof that games mean everything.

TKCMuzzer1048d ago

Whats your point? It runs at 60FPS on the X, we would be more surprised if it didn't run better on the new console.
But you do back others peoples comments, they are talking about playing games designed with the PS5 in mind, you are talking about an Xbox One game.

Atticus_finch1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Not even Xbox fans care about GeoW5. Lol

gravedigger1048d ago

Yeah, but where is Gears 5 now on most play list on Xbox Store US? Even with Game Pass? Yeah, you don't wanna know? But actually, at 39th place.

Edito1047d ago

Who want's to play Gears? lol

Now seriously Xbox as we speak has no games.

RedDevils1047d ago

You mean that turd 5 just get more shiny? Well, good luck with that.

Baza1047d ago

Enjoy your 13 second load times on previous gen games 😂

SpinalRemains1381047d ago

Frames are absolutely important, however not on inferior games.

I'd play Bloodborne over Gears any day, hands down....not even debatable without laughing.

Quality of game is paramount.

C-H-E-F1047d ago

You are also choosing an inferior system architecture, and mediocre exclusive titles that are shared on the PC platform. From the Xbox all the way to the Series X, you've been playing the same AAA exclusive literally beating a dead horse. I don't think people really realize how HUGE of a leap Sony has taken to the architecture of the PS5. Maybe next gen (ps6 / xbox series one X) when Microsoft steals the design for themselves you will see why it is being praised.

For those that don't understand, Sony just did what tesla is doing to the electric car industry. it's truely revolutionary and I just can't wait to see what is going to happen in the 1st and 2nd party market. I don't care for the 3rd party market because I will be buying those on the ps5 & pc so I will have the best of all worlds regardless. This generation is really astounding.

Thundercat771047d ago

You seem to forget that people have chose Playstation and Nintendo over Xbox any day a d it will be the same next gen.

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Christopher1048d ago

***and if the Last of us 2 and Ghost of Tuishima reviews well Sony will have the advantage at launch***

Eh, only if they have games coming for just the PS5 and not games that people already played on the PS4 or are held back by PS4 hardware.

oasdada1048d ago

if this is an excuse u have for lack of xbox one exclusives then it is a really sad one. while you enjoy your wait ps4 owners will be enjoying 2 huge exclusives

CaptainHenry9161048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

It still gives Sony momentum. Most Sony fan expects most of Playstation exclusives to be great and that will make them upgrade and purchase a PS5

Cmv381048d ago

That's not true. Having bc with those games makes gamers more confident in upgrading.

Christopher1048d ago

***if this is an excuse u have for lack of xbox one exclusives then it is a really sad one. while you enjoy your wait ps4 owners will be enjoying 2 huge exclusives***

Let me get this straight:

1. I make a comment about Sony needing games on PS5.

2. You make it about XBO not having games, which has been the reason many people have used for explaining why XBO lost this generation.

3. You don't understand the irony in your statement about Xbox is the one I'm making about PS5 when people make it about PS4 games being on PS5.

4. You think I only own an Xbox, let alone don't realize I owned a PS4 way before an XBO.

SyntheticForm1048d ago

Man, people are really trying to twist you up here.

sampsonon1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

To me it means Sony is finishing off this gen masterfully. It shows potential ps5 owners that it's a good investment knowing AAA games are their focus. Even in a consoles last yr.

bouzebbal1048d ago

Are you saying that ps5 will be the first console ever to have last gen games only at launch? Lol...

Christopher1048d ago

***Are you saying that ps5 will be the first console ever to have last gen games only at launch? Lol...***

I'm saying the same thing many others have said here, if there are no exclusive games, there's not much reason to pick up new hardware if it only plays current-gen/crossover games. Does this rule not exist for PS5, just XSX?


bouzebbal1047d ago

Yes lol, your post makes no sense..
A console never released without an exclusive.. I'm sure even ouya did.

S2Killinit1047d ago

I think Christopher means a console needs its own exclusive games. Which is very true. The PS5 will have exclusive games like every console before it of course but since Xbox SX does not have exclusives, what he says is not a moot point.

So yes, PS5’s PS4 heavyhitters like TLOU2 will be big drivers imo, but PS5’s own exclusives should be the focus going forward.

RedDevils1047d ago

Don't worry about Ps5 exclusives games in it firs 6 months. It will be available alright. But don't get your hope up of PS5 having no exclusive on launch day.

DarXyde1047d ago

I'm actually not against holding off on playing either game until I procure a PS5. I have a base PS4, so the enhancements would be our of this world for me.

Christopher1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

***A console never released without an exclusive.. I'm sure even ouya did.***

The XSX will release with no exclusives. Their games will be available on Xbox One as well.

The Ouya didn't release with any exclusives, just FYI.

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darthv721048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

So you are saying everything hinges on LoU2 and GoT reviewing well...?

And about the only thing that disappointed me about the PS5 was the bc. I was under the impression they would (at least) have digital PS1 support like the PS3, PSP, PSV has. Not having PS3 I can understand but even PS2 games have been given PS4 support (games like jedi knight 2 and racers revenge for example).

Otherwise I was very impressed with the PS5 and look forward to having one in my home.

CaptainHenry9161048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

No but it does help and keep that reputation going. Sony has already prove themselves with great first party exclusives year after year and I expect them to continue that trend. It's the reason why I bought a PS4

1048d ago
SyntheticForm1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

No, but they help promote the brand overall.

Sony's IPs (TLOU2 and Ghost) reviewing well would be a boon and give them momentum and you could therefore make the case for a PS5 saying "Well check this out, if you get a PS5 you'll get even more games like these!"

I hope that's what people are trying to say because I have to agree.

Kumakai1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

yeah... complacency breeds a lack of innovation. ms is hungry and bringing it to the table. and they're going to have a lot more exclusives than just gears and halo. they've only slipped one right now: hellblade 2. they have 16 highly rated (now) first party studios all cranking at capacity for gen 9. don't expect xbox to be lacking quality exclusives this time. Couple that with superior hardware, better services like gamepass and xcloud. better support like software returns, free series x enhanced upgrades without the need to re-purchase a game, backwards compatibility across all generations - sorry. xbox actually has something to offer now - and its legit.

xX-oldboy-Xx1048d ago

But Sony has the better games, PS5 will be twice as fast at getting stuff on the screen - that surely makes up for any arbitrary difference in a tflop count.

Most of the decent studios ms acquired had already been making exclusively for xbox. The other are AA at best.

PS5 will have exclusives day 1 from 1st larty studios without it's baby brother screaming me to, me to. ms has crippled any performance gain of xsx by lugging the inferior xone/x into the dev cycle.

The SSD is where the big difference is coming from. Try and think a little outside the box. They're are both going at the same problem a different way.

TheTony3161047d ago

16 highly rated studios? That remains to be seen. Most of them haven't even released a game yet. Sony on the other hand has a proven track record.

RosweeSon1047d ago

You’ll be more likely to get a ridge racer, wipeout or Tekken for launch the real good stuff will be minimum 6 months after just so they can start getting the best out of the console.
Might even get a new Killzone or resistance

1047d ago
glennhkboy1047d ago

The issue, up to this point, is the absence of a hardware. Show us the look of the hardware, show us some technical demo, show us the technical of that revolutionary sound design. It is strange because by now, the hardware design should be set in stone, and production should be already underway. Not showing any hardware, does this mean that the hardware design is still not ready at this moment?

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CaptainHenry9161048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

So now it's tf vs SSD. Will be a wild battle.

Went from a big smile on the SSD part to huh on the cu, gpu, tf part. Sony always do unique and weird $hit but it always works lmao😁😂

VER1ON1048d ago

It will be an interesting 'battle' indeed. Sony's installed base will play a large part in it.

darthv721048d ago

'secret sauce' argument incoming in 3... 2... oh they already started.

BehindTheRows1048d ago

Being part of the crowd who invented the 'secret sauce', I'm sure you know plenty about it. :)


The interesting thing is those who argue in favor of the SSD actually have a stronger point. It's an actual part inside the machine and can give you real world results. Floating point operations/second are, yes, a computational potential, but that's the extent. It's only a buzzword now because console gamers latch on to stuff like that without fully understanding what it is (it's the 'BitS" argument all over again).

snoopgg1048d ago

Sony will use the cloud to make ps5 more powerful. Lol!!!!

Atticus_finch1048d ago

Darth is still waiting for the cloud to make Xboxone x4 more powerful.

darthv721048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

@rows and the SX SSD is no slouch and already confirmed it can be utilized in much the same way that Sony is saying. Both are directly connected to the main cpu/gpu. Both have dedicated processors to help move that data along. sony just has an extra one to increase that speed but neither one is riding in the slow lane on the highway.

Cupid_Viper_31048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

It's amazing how you can rightfully perceive that SSD is indeed a very important part of the next-gen experience by the fact that both Sony and MS went to great length to integrate it into their respective consoles. And you again rightfully deduce that even with a 120% disadvantage, the Xbox won't be completely left behind in that department. But how come a 120% difference won't matter much, but a mere 14-17% will?

It's like people who see a supped up Corvette with 760 HP can't fathom that a supped up Mazda Miata weighing only half of what the corvette does would only require 500 hp to match the corvette while probably being more agile as well due to better overall weight distribution.

darthv721048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

@cupid, I prefer to look at them as a cheetah (PS5) vs a lion (SX) one is faster and one is stronger but neither are prey. Both are predators who are very good at what they do.

ElementX1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I doubt any game requires more than 2-3GB/Sec transfer rates. Nobody can answer me when I ask how much data is in one game location. I said in another thread that worlds load as you move, so when it takes you 10 seconds to walk across a city plaza, the game is loading in the background. Those 9GB/Sec max transfer rates won't matter because by the time you get to your destination, both consoles will have loaded the necessary data. If you teleport everywhere, like across every screen, then I can see the PS5 IO being helpful, but games don't work that way. You have to take into consideration travel time. No game will let the player travel at mach speed to use a constant 5+GB/sec data transfer. Level streaming will be seamless on both platforms. That's just open world games, games with actual levels don't need those speeds, either. Will a loading time of 3 seconds actually be any better than 5 or 6 seconds? How often do people fast travel? PS5 will maybe save you a couple minutes over the course of a day of gaming.

The-Matrix-has-you1048d ago


That’s the point. With the additional speed, customizations and optimizations they have implemented in the SSD, I/O controller developers can change the way games are made. Your argument is based on what you know not what you haven’t seen created yet.

ElementX1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Most games will still run on PC so I'm wondering just how many features for velocity processing whatever and 9GB/s IO are going to be utilized.

I don't think games will fundamentally change. It will be an evolution not a huge leap. 9GB is awesome but I'm just wondering the actual benefits when most games will cater to the lowest denominator

Show me what 9gb/s can do that 2.5gb can't as far as level design. You still have to travel and how large are assets? How much data is required for a city in Witcher 3 for instance? I've tried looking online. Nobody can tell me, I've asked in two threads now.

rainslacker1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )


How much data that is in one location is irrelevant to the speeds by which it can be transferred across storage mediums and the bus. The point is, how much data can be moved within a time frame, and Sony gave a real world example of as quick as you can move the camera. MS dressed it up in PR, and for a group of people saying they want 100fps+, they aren't going to get that with the transfer speeds that MS allows with its design.

As to why no one can answer you, it's probably because you ask the wrong question, and the fact that there is no way to answer the question without knowing the design of the game, because as with many things in programming, the answer is, "it depends".

Toubabo_koomi1048d ago

Oh wow, now I'm imagining a game where you're in a jet travelling at Mach speeds with no texture degradation. It's all just there in perfect clarity no matter how fast you travel...

ElementX1048d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

I was simply trying to get a rough estimate of actual game asset sizes. If you fast travel to a city and the surrounding area is under say, 3GB, both consoles will load in about a second. I guess I want an idea of the amount of data we're talking about here. I'm sure no game will drop you into a location requiring 9GB of data, that just sounds absurdly high, but I dunno so I was asking and looking online.

How much data is streamed during normal travel? Wouldn't it be interesting to know? People are excited about IO but nobody knows what that's actually good for. We just have instant loading PR speak. If game assets don't require all that speed then you're paying more for an add on drive with no benefit other than a few seconds load time. 3rd party games will still run on Series X and PC