Cyberpunk Backlog: Binary Domain - A Masterpiece by SEGA

Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the makers of the Yakuza games, Binary Domain is an extremely underrated cyberpunk third-person shooter. Directed by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the mastermind behind the famous Yakuza series, the game is quite different from his previous works. Nagoshi stated that he wanted to explore the themes of life, more specifically through the use of robots. It’s a cyberpunk-themed game, and the game has interesting views on technology, robots and how society would behave in such a world. There are numerous references to other cyberpunk works and fans of the genre will be pleasantly surprised.

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isarai629d ago

I would love a sequel or remake of this game. Such a fun romp

JayRyu628d ago


This was such an underrated game. I liked the story and some of the action scenes were really good.

Gamehard628d ago

I've always wanted to play this game. Huge fan of Vanquish and a few of my friends have always recommended trying this, too. I think I even have it on steam and PS3 but just never made time :( The backlog struggle is real.

DerfDerf628d ago

This game was awesome. So satisfying the way the robots broke into pieces.

SovereignSnaKe628d ago (Edited 628d ago )

I'm looking at my copy right now. I got rid of a bunch of 360 games years ago but I just couldn't part with this one. It was really something special. I've recommended it to several people over the years and almost all of them have never even heard of it.