Nintendo Switch online services are down worldwide

Nintendo’s network services are currently down across the globe, likely due to increased demand as people stay at home in a bid to check the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Si-Fly396d ago

What has this got to do with anything?

396d ago
Shuckylad396d ago

i Can play online just no eshop access.

396d ago
UltraNova396d ago

Live had issues these past days and now Nintendo? I hope PSN doesn't follow suit, especially these days that everyone is home playing...

DragonWarrior19396d ago

What? I've been playing Pokemon Shield all morning online with zero issues.

Sono421396d ago

The fact you're claiming to have no issues playing that game online shows that you aren't being honest, we all know how well that games online works.

DragonWarrior19396d ago

Just fine outside of missing raids before they start and wishing the "load new stamps" refreshed quicker online issues are very rare. But much like the virus, let's over exaggerate because that's been working out well.../s

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The story is too old to be commented.