Are Video Games Becoming Too Competitive?

BY HASAN MANSOOR: Remember when gaming was more about having fun playing together and less about which team has the greater kill count or any form of domination? If so, this is an article for you. The purpose of

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strayanalog498d ago

Games are only as competitive as you make them.

Competitiveness may not have been in the room when games were first made, but the moment a high score is placed on a list competition is going to be promoted, and online play just magnifies that. You have to remember that first place always changes, but bragging rights are forever. Who hasn't wanted to prove themselves in game before? I know I have.
Competition in today's gaming industry isn't a big deal if you don't think about it, so turning off any online element or social club certainly helps. Better yet, don't subscribe to one. I haven't, and have yet to feel left out of anything. Things like Uplay can kiss my Access, ya know.

As for developers forgetting some players have adult responsibilities, no, they didn't forget, you just aren't their demographic anymore. Painful or insulting to hear, I know, but after 25 they generally stop making software for you, which is fine because by then you have already learned what you like.
Now, I do agree with you that a "casual mode" may help someone with a need to go at their own pace, just as bringing cheat codes back would be beneficial (how I miss them!) to helping someone along or upping the fun factor, but for now there's mods and swallowing your pride by not playing that game that brings you grief. No big deal, dude. We're gamers. We adapt.

Fist4achin498d ago

If you don't like how a game is, then don't play it. Games have always been competitive whether it was the player vs the computer or player vs player. Some MP games can be tough because some people devote insane amounts of time into something while many others don't have that kind of time.

BoneMagnus498d ago

Skill matching, when implemented, usually works pretty well to account for this.

Tross497d ago

Can't you still have fun playing something even if you don't have the best K/D ratio? Some dicks might want to rain on your parade if you're not as good as they are, but those individuals are a cancer best ignored. If they want to get highly competitive then that's their business, but they don't have the right to tell someone to take something more seriously than they want to.