Sony ponders PS3 price cut

Price cuts for the PlayStation 3 video game console are among the factors Sony is studying as it seeks to break even in its money-losing gaming business next fiscal year, a company executive said Wednesday.

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Wotbot4904d ago

Let the price cut be in Europe. I want the PS3 to be £300. £425 is too much.

richie007bond4904d ago

Yes i agree £425 is just ludicrous its a lot of money and sony will struggle to sell at that price.Sony must lower the price they have to,or its over for them,£300 and ill snap one up to place besides my amazing Xbox 360.SONY you hearing US the buying public LOWER the price or lose masses of potential buyers its as simple as that,and anybody who doesn't agree is a FOOL

TheMART4903d ago

"Sony is studying as it seeks to break even in its money-losing gaming business next fiscal year"

That's a great thought of that guy. But they won't be able to break even for some time. Because:

Shipping one million PS3's has cost them already 300 million dollar.
Launch attach rate was 1.5 game average sold per unit (probably only Resistance to most of them, some bought COD3 probably). That attach rate hasn't been proven to go up besides their news that they shipped 5 million copies of games. Still shipped is not sold.

How will they ever break even when the loss per unit is somewhere around 300 dollars, and they sell what, 1.5, maybe 3 games at highest at this point in time. They have free online, so no income there, only more money lost.

Their businessmodel of the PS3 ain't healthy. Simple as that. Break even? Cut the BluRay drive, get in a normal DVD drive. Make online gaming paid to make it a premium service (at this point in time it doesn't have the premium quality of XBL) and get some kick ass games out there in a very, very short time

gogators4903d ago

take on losing even more money than they already do. IGN was saying that Sony's Game divison loses are over 2 billion dollars. I can't see how they can afford to lose any more money on this system. IF MS price cut the 360, they could seriously bury Sony in this video game generation.