Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Ultrawide Support, Achievements Confirmed

A member of the Horizon: Zero Dawn development team confirmed the PC port will come with Ultrawide support and Steam Achievements

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Sophisticated_Chap681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

Not only is the game simply releasing on PC, they're actually doing it the proper way. This is great to see!

TheColbertinator681d ago

Proper PC port is true respect.

LMosche681d ago

Yeah. Good way to boost PS5 sales. Make the sequel PS5 exclusive and give PC gamers a little taste.

Kaiou681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

A taste that even ps5 won't really be able to match. true 4k+ , 60fps+ , reshade, mods,
ultra wide, Tasty indeed.

Elda681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

Exactly! Though some won't be swayed,they'll wait those 2 or 3 years again until it's released on their beloved PC.

ocelot07680d ago

Yup give them a taste no harm in that. If that gives PC players to buy a PS5 to buy the sequel as soon as possible so they dont have to wait a few years it's great for Sony. If the PC players have the patience to wait a few years for the sequel then that is fine they will still make Sony a bit of extra cash. Providing they have not given up on releasing PC titles by then.

Imalwaysright680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

Yeah I don't think you understand the PC community. We don't bendover like console gamers do.

LMosche680d ago

@Kaiou Not talking about the hopeless cases. Who cares about reshade and 60 fps? Uncharted 4 and God of War are the best looking games of all time anyway + no loading screens.

sampsonon680d ago

@Kaiou: you don't know WTF you are talking about. Unless you have a link to the official specs?
Didn't think so. PS5 and Series X will both handle 4K HDR/Ray tracing easily.

Move along with your tired pc ignorance, and your $500 rig

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lelo2play681d ago

They should release the game on PC right NOW since I'll be stuck at home for the next month.

sampsonon680d ago

just turn on your.... oops! i don't know if you have a ps pro. Sorry.

Blu3_Berry681d ago

Man this is gonna be an amazing PC version I can feel it already. I never been so excited for a game on PC that I already played on consoles.

Larrysweet681d ago

Amen brother just 60fps alone will be amazing hopefully 144

RazzerRedux681d ago the Platinum trophy on PS4 already. One of the few games I loved so much that I had to 100% it.

Great that Sony is putting real effort into their PC version.

Duke19681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

I was floored with how great this game looked on PS4, cant imagine how it will look maxed out on a PC

Shane Kim681d ago

As always, probably not a huge difference. At least not 900 bucks worth of difference.

Lon3wolf681d ago

That would depend on their engine and if they can add extra textures/effects that PC can really shine with.

Elda681d ago

Exactly. There will be a minor visual difference from the Pro version,the real difference will be the fps.

TheRealTedCruz681d ago

I don't know. I've seen seem large differences between console and PC ports ports at times. Unless you're saying Guerilla is a lazy developer.

BEASELY680d ago

You clearly do not own a PC. Framerate alone will make your shit console look like a joke.

Shane Kim680d ago

I own a 1080Ti gfx card with I7-8700k and 32gb of RAM. I could buy a PS4 pro and a good 4k tv for the same cash I bought this waste of money. 2500 bucks in total is simply not worth for better fps and marginally better graphics.

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