New Spore Patch Available - EA has announced a big thank you to Spore fans and to celebrate the release of Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack, which ships to retailers today, gamers who download and install Patch 3 will be rewarded with 24 brand spanking-new and exclusive exoskeleton limbs for the Creature Creator.

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pp3625d ago

Much more fun than LBP.

Gerry3625d ago

PP seriously, where you abused as a child?

You must be the biggest wanker in real life. Maybe your not getting any pu$$y from the chicks.

pp3625d ago

seriously i could report you for swearing but i'll let you of just this once.

3625d ago
Cernunnos3625d ago

What? Let me guess, it removes an install or something to reduce the amount of pirates? XD

Fux4Bux3625d ago

Tell me when they come out with the patch that makes it not suck ass.