Dear Sony: Please Remake Rogue Galaxy Already

TG: “Look, Sony, I don’t ask for much, but if you could remake Rogue Galaxy, that’d be swell. I’d settle for a true remaster, even.”

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Rangerman12081115d ago

I would also love to see a sequel to Rogue Galaxy. Either both would be fine.

FreeckyCake1115d ago

Nah, a sequel will be fine.

Relientk771115d ago

We need Rogue Galaxy 2 and Dark Cloud 3.

Basically, Level 5 is awesome.

Blackcanary1114d ago

Been waiting for a Dark Cloud 3 for a very long time now.

Pancit_Canton1115d ago

Even better suggestion. Please buy Level 5

REALAS1115d ago

It's already on ps4, hence, zero reason to remaster. If this request is the norm, then there is zero reason for backwards compatibility.

jambola1115d ago

good thing nobody said anything about remastering it
not remaster

REALAS1115d ago

Did you read the opening paragraph, or just the title?

jambola1114d ago

ok, fine
main point was still about remake though

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The story is too old to be commented.