Yakuza 0 hits Project xCloud, Ninja Theory and Rare testing touch controls

Today, Microsoft revealed what's coming to Project xCloud soon. Aside from Yakuza 0 joining the service, Ninja Theory and Rare are working on touch controls for games like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Sea of Thieves.

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Concertoine498d ago

Yakuza is the perfect series for this kind of thing


I must be dreaming. Never thought I'd see the day where I could play Yakuza 0 on my iPad. I just wanna know how much Xcloud will be per month once it leaves beta.

battlegrog497d ago

Pretty positive it will be built into live. I mean its the only format that makes the most sense.

Auron497d ago

Amazing! haters need to try it before they knock it.

Bourne414497d ago

Never picked it up on my PS4, but I streamed it through my phone yesterday for almost 3 hours. Had one hiccup, but it was my phone that caused it. I cant get over how good it looks, and smooth it runs. Was hesitant about the combat, even got further on Mr Shakedown than I did on my console. Probably just because I fought him once before, but the response time was incredible.