Here's Why Warzone Will Never Beat Fortnite's Popularity

With the recent launch of Call of Duty's Warzone battle royale there has been talk of Warzone being a 'Fortnite killer'. Here's why it's not.

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Jin_Sakai1289d ago

How can anyone not be sick of Fortnite by now? Everything gets old after a while.

Jsm89k1288d ago

I was bored of it the second it became a BR game.

SamPao1288d ago

Well. If it stays the same sure. But fortnite is doing a LOT to keep players enganged and to change things up. I mean to this day people still play Counterstrike soooo

WickedLester1287d ago

Same reason why some gamers are content with just playing COD and Madden every year. I dont get it either but some gamers are just that myopic. They have no idea how many great gaming experiences there are to be had out there. Yet they are perfectly happy with COD and Madden, COD and Madden, COD and Madden.

Fist4achin1287d ago

Whatever floats their boats...

Dirty_Lemons1287d ago

I dunno, World of Warcraft is still going pretty strong 16 years later!

Knightofelemia1287d ago

@Jin_Sakai Because Fortnite is free

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ilikestuff1287d ago

Haha! Give this man a see-gar!!

SeanScythe1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I remember the very first Fortnite trailer. It was shown to be a survival/crafting/building multiplayer game. Then that got scrapped for what it is today, a crap hole of kids F2P stupidity.

ZeekQuattro1288d ago

It wasn't scrapped. It's just not FTP like the Battle Royale part of game is.

Elda1288d ago

Fortnite is popular among the kiddies & young adults. Warzone is for adults so the demographic of players maybe less.

UltraNova1288d ago

And adults move on to other things. Limited time to play, a ton more to play constantly and so on. I like warzone but I cant see myself playing for more than a month.

Elda1288d ago

I hear you,I really don't play F2P games. Mostly F2P games I have no interest in especially the Battle Royale games.I have sampled Dauntless,Smite & Paladins for about an hour but I never stuck with playing them though those games are not that bad.

UltraNova1287d ago

Try Warzone, it feels complete while being free, really its cost free. Just make sure to play with friends. Plunder is where you should focus at first to get a handle of things then try BR.

BLAKHOODe1288d ago

I hate the "Fortnite is for kids" talk. That's an excuse. Fortnite is for everybody. People hate on it, because, like anything popular, a vocal minority rebels against it attracting low confidence followers, who think anything rebellious is cool and worth latching on to. And saying that, I'm not knocking COD Warzone. It's also a great game. And it's going to be popular. And eventually, they probably already have, another vocal minority is going to attack it, as well. The cycle never ends.

AnubisG1287d ago

If you are older than 12 and play Fortinte, you have a serious mental issue.

Edgelordsupreme1287d ago

I dont play Fortnite, but that's an incredibly narrow minded way of looking at things. I have a coworker, his wife bought him a switch and he has ended up playing a lot of Fortnite. Does he have serious mental issues because he doesnt adhere to your idea of the right games to play?

Grow up

pwnmaster30001287d ago

If your older then 18 and you let society tell you what’s cool and what to enjoy Then I feel like that’s more of an issue right there.

Be free and not a puppet.

Hungryalpaca1287d ago

It IS for kids. ALL the marketing. ALL the merch. The stupid dances. The look and style. It’s OBVIOUSLY for kids.

badz1491287d ago

Yeah...because they aren't already putting alpaca pinatas everywhere in the game. Wait...was that alpaca or llama? Meh...same thing

BLAKHOODe1286d ago

ALL? I'm pretty sure John Wick was an R rated film.

Veneno1287d ago

That's the lesson I learned the hard way. When I get my PS5 I'm going to triple the HDD right away.