Guerilla Confirms via Twitter that Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is Coming to PC

Guerilla tweets: "It's confirmed! Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is coming to PC Bow and arrow

We're excited that more players will be able to meet Aloy and explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn this summer!"

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Jin_Sakai1290d ago

The important part.

“Hulst doesn't rule out more first-party games coming to PC, but says there are no plans to release PC versions of PlayStation games at the same time as their console counterparts.”

The 10th Rider1290d ago

Important part being that more could be on the way or that they're not launching at the same time?

I'm sure both are highly dependent on the success of early ports like this.

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AspiringProGenji1290d ago

He said PS is still 100% dedicated to consoles and that there are no plans for PC ports. Maybe one PC port will happen at a time eventually, but they won’t make their console obsolete by bringing every game to PC

mrmikew20181290d ago

Yea we will see how true that is, but exclusives are definitely on their last legs as we know it.

No biggie, just something we have to get used to.

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-Foxtrot1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Still it's kind of weird when exclusives are what sell a console

Even if it comes out later the average person might just go

"Oh it'll come eventually. I can wait"

I have no idea what Sony are thinking unless it's

"Well Microsoft is doing it so we can aswell"

Missing the point that Microsoft and PC's go hand in hand for the obvious reasons.

Obscure_Observer1290d ago

“Hulst doesn't rule out more first-party games coming to PC, but says there are no plans to release PC versions of PlayStation games at the same time as their console counterparts.”

6 months or so (Death Stranding) is not much time to wait

UnSelf1290d ago

What is the big deal about exclusives eventually going to a PC after months and months of exclusivity. Now im not going to be naive and ask whats the issue with it going to another CONSOLE - that i understand well. But i dont get the chagrin with a 2 year later PC release. It comes across as if people are just upset for a petty reason.

Please explain and dont forget to leave a disagree.

Christopher1290d ago

For people who aren't interested in PS in general, or are looking to not have to buy a console for exclusives, I think they're fine with waiting. I mean, how many people were fine waiting for Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Yakiza games or FFVII Remake?

RememberThe3571290d ago

It's pretty simple. If Sony's games are gonna come out on PC there's really no reason to get a PlayStation. Get yourself a good rig and a Fire Stick or something. Better performance and more useful. It doesn't have to be emotional, but the logic makes sense.

If everything on HBO was on Netflix why would you bother with HBO? Same sort of thing.

IMO their just trying to bait PC gamers interests for the sequel and the PA5, but at the same time PC gamers might just wait for the sequel to come to PC as well.

Unspoken1290d ago

It was inevitable. Consoles still target a market so they are going anywhere any time soon.

Sony wants to continue to hit new markets and not lose out on software sales. If they can maximise console sales and then penetrate the PC market...might be good for them.

PSFans should just keep buying the console to support their savoir company.

MrBeatdown1290d ago

Great way to get someone on PC interested in a PS exclusive. You know the sequel is coming. Some might choose to wait, but I'd imagine there are those that will be convinced to buy a PS5 rather than wait years for a possible PC port.

carcarias1290d ago

Yeah, I think the people that are upset should remember that it's highly unlikely the PC versions will release soon after the PS ones.

There's no conflict here, no betrayal imho. I simply don't see PC as a direct competitor to consoles, especially if the PC versions come out 2-3 years later. I mean, if Ghosts of Tsushima and TLoU2 turn out to be amazing, who wants to wait years to play them? Not that I'm saying both those will come to PC of course.

carcarias1290d ago


Yeah, I see what you mean but Death Stranding's release timeframe is a bit of an exception. The PC version was always planned, Kojima mentioned it a few times before work even started. There even used to be the little PC logo on his KP website.

It was only when Sony stepped in later on that the PC version talk went silent but that didn't mean Kojima's plans had changed, just that they didn't want to shout it from the rooftops, imho.

I'm guessing that PC versions of PS exclusives will be probably be launched about 1-3 years after, depending on the importance of the title. The more important, the longer the wait. Just my hunch.

darthv721290d ago

Oh he has plans to release more but his phrasing is that "not every" game will come to PC and certainly "not at the same time as the console version". Most everyone can agree they will bring more of their games to PC when they feel the time is right. I'm already thinking it will be some of their older games like Killzone Shadowfall and maybe even Bloodborne, although that one would be up to FromSoftware to decide. I have a feeling that Days Gone will get a PC release at some point too.

They don't have to do it like MS does but it is nice they realize there is a PC side that may not be invested in PS but still want to play their games.

r2oB1290d ago

I think Sony is willing to bring PS4 exclusives to PC because it's about to be a last gen console, anyone who wanted a PS4 to play these games has already bought a PS4. Once it's a last gen console, price cuts will be it's primary driver. I don't think you will see Sony AAA first party PS5 games coming to PC until the end part of its life cycle, so the people willing to wait may be waiting a very long time. This is my opinion.

itsmebryan1290d ago

So, now will people start saying "PlayStation has no games!". Like they do about Xbox because their games are also on PC?

extermin8or1290d ago

@obscureobserver Death Stranding was announced as a timed ps4 exclusive it isn't first party.

DarXyde1290d ago

We also have no idea which games will receive PC ports. People can literally be waiting on games they will never see.

I think Horizon: Zero Dawn was always accepted as a game that'll make its way over, as is Death Stranding. As for some of the other games, I don't see The Last of Us going over to PC, but I do suspect PC will get the multiplayer title around the same time as PS4 with cross play enabled.

As for the rest, case by case, no doubt.

S2Killinit1290d ago

Some people are trying to create a false equivalency between what Sony is doing with what MS does in an attempt to give MS a free hand. Imo these individuals’ loyalties lie with MS, not console gaming.

As for what Sony is doing, im a bit concerned if this is a slippery slope leading to a Strategy similar to MS, where console gaming will become more and more irrelevant by the day until it becomes a walled garden service. So, here’s hoping that PlayStation exclusives are never released day one on anything except PlayStation.

super_bruno1289d ago

Sony and MS bringing exclusives to PC mean we won't need a console anymore in the future.

bouzebbal1289d ago

a gorgeous looking game with super highly detailed mechs.
not my favorite open world game this gen, but i like the fighting mechanics in it, even if i would have prefered some extra movement patterns for melee.

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naruga1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

wrong move ...what s the point of buying PS console then .....Hulst seems to not be a good addition to PS family ...he found the opportunity to release his game to PC in order to get sales

Highlife1290d ago

The game is 3 years old! 3 years old! They weren't going to get many more sales from this game anyway. If they release a game to PC from time to time 3 years later how does that affect anything??

3 years later!!!

RememberThe3571290d ago

So why not Bloodborn or The Last of Us? TLOF has a TV show and sequel coming out and could use the extra exposure. Both are even older games. Why Horizon? It is curious.

bishup251290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"wrong move ...what s the point of buying PS console then"

if you were always going to get a console then you were always getting one regardless.

"Hulst seems to not be a good addition to PS family ...he found the opportunity to release his game to PC in order to get sales"

this decision was before the change. since Death stranding and the Quantic Dream collection.

ZeroX98761290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

knowing that the same engine is used for death stranding & Horizon zero dawn, I'm not really surprised. the amount of work for a great port must've been minimal.

porkChop1290d ago

A lot of PC gamers will never buy a console. Selling first party games to those gamers is just good business.

mandingo1290d ago

The same thing as timed exclusivity Highlife

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Edgelordsupreme1290d ago

A console is 400 to 500 dollars, I spent 900 CAD on my 2080 Super in August. That's not including my SSDs, Motherboard, Memory, CPU, PSU and case. My motherboard is more expensive than a PS4 Pro.

The market for console gaming, the market of people looking to spend 400 dollars is quite a bit larger than the people like me willing to spend 500+ on a CPU alone. There are still plenty of reasons to buy a console whether that's a Playstation or an Xbox. You people have been deluding yourselves for years about exclusive games and completely missed the forest for the trees.

Also, I still own a PS4 Pro for more than just the exclusives...weird huh?

KwietStorm_BLM1290d ago

The point of buying a console is for people who don't game on PC. Why this continues to be advanced algebra is what's most amazing to me. Damn those PlayStation execs for trying to get sales! lmao

ILostMyMind1290d ago

People won't buy a PS5, wait three years playing something else on PC, and then buy "PS exclusives" on PC later. The PS5 will fail like Xbox did.