New screenshots released for the upcoming fan remake of GoldenEye 007, GoldenEye 25

The team behind the upcoming fan remake of GoldenEye 007, GoldenEye 25, has released some new screenshots from it.

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stefd75561d ago

Dont release anything until its finished or Nintendo or Microsoft or whoever's owns the rights will just shut it down

sampsonon561d ago

what they should do is check out the game right now and if it's up to par make a deal with these devs. help support them for a piece of the pie.

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RazzerRedux561d ago

Threatening cease and desist email from Nintendo's lawyers in 3...2...1...

strayanalog561d ago

Nintendo's license (to kill) expired already, so that's one legal talk that doesn't have to happen.

Previously, many different companies would have had to work together as the rights to James Bond belong to MGM, Nintendo published the original GoldenEye game as well as held the copyright claim, Rare has since become a Microsoft first-party studio, and Activision currently holds the James Bond game license.
It should be noted that Activision's current license does not grant it retroactive ownership of the title GoldenEye or of the actual character of Agent 007, which allows fan projects like this to continue to exist and receive updates.