Predicting the PlayStation 5 Launch Games Line-Up

Gamerheadquarters; "The next generation PlayStation console is just on the horizon, here are a number of predictions for the launch games. A big part of the release of new console generations are the titles available right there from day one."

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sprinterboy404d ago

Couple of indie games

MADGameR404d ago

I HATE sports games... everytime a new console launchers, it gets cluttered with sports games.

Christopher404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Don't know about HZD2. Ashley Burch has been insane busy with writing and acting. Definitely think the second Naughty Dog team will come out with something, though.

sprinterboy404d ago

That 2nd game from ND is rumoured to be "savage starlight" or "strays crossing"?

Obscure_Observer404d ago


"Definitely think the second Naughty Dog team will come out with something, though."

There´s no second team working on a separated project at Naughty Dog.

Christopher404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

***There´s no second team working on a separated project at Naughty Dog.***

We call it the Naughty Dog second team because they've announced no studio, use a ton of former Naughty Dog people who left after Uncharted 4, and are working in the same building as Naughty Dog.

So, yeah, there's an "unnamed team" working on something. If they're not "Naughty Dog" they are headed by "Naughty Dog Veterans".

You can take what you want from that. Either we get a second team at Naughty Dog or a whole new studio under Sony. Either way, there's an unknown game being made and lead by ND Veterans.

Edit: changed to second team since subteam makes them out to be below par even though there are a number of veterans in there from Uncharted and The Last of Us.

BrainSyphoned404d ago

Demon Souls

Ready for a Monster Hunter tease.

Smokehouse404d ago

God of war 2 (I know you think it’s too soon) but I’m calling it.

Iberius404d ago

Assassin's Creed
Demon Souls Remake
New Ratchet and Clank
Next Grand Turismo (Release Window)
WBs next game (Batman?)
Knack 3
Various sports titles

Stay-Toasty404d ago

Anyone hear anything about that game Torn i believe it was called. I could be wrong on thr name but its sonetbing close to that. You were on like a ship being taken over by an organic material. Looked a bit like agony on a space ship.You had a weird shotgun that was like a gross slug lookin thing that was alive. Havent heard anything in ages about it.
Also ive been waiting forever for two others.
Damview. It was a stardew stylish game but you lived in a city and had to make money any way you could.
The other was the Stanley Parable being lorted to Ps4. It was supposed to come late 2019 and i haven't heard anything. Anyone got any info on any of these?