2k Games pulls their titles from GeForce NOW

[email protected] writes: "Per publisher request, please be advised 2K Games titles will be removed from GeForce NOW today. We are working with 2K Games to re-enable their games in the future."

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Jin_Sakai266d ago

Welcome to the future of cloud gaming. Where every publisher wants a piece of the pie.

CaptainObvious878266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

So do all those useful idiots eager to bend over for an all digital future want the lube now? Or you still want publishers to go in dry while you smile?

ChrisW266d ago

EA has always preferred going in dry

InUrFoxHole266d ago

Good god you sure know how to sweet talk a fella!

bishup25266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

@ Jin_Sakai
don't forget Geforce now isn't hosting games. they are only hosting their hardware to power your purchased games.
which Nvidia is still freely able to do so.

Tech5266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

if you have a really cheap laptop or tablet and a stable connection of at least 10-15mbs, Geforce now works convincingly well in the conditions. the only major thing i like about it. the games are also pretty responsive.
of course, a $1,000 gaming laptop can offer a more solid and isolated mobile gaming experience. but once again that is at the convenience of it's price.

boing1266d ago

Then how 2k is pulling out their games if Nvidia doesn't host them?

jeromeface266d ago

Not many people who have bad gaming hardware also have fiber connections... that's the issue.

ginsunuva264d ago

Yeah I'm confused. GFN doesn't operate the way it used to with its own library. It's just your own Steam library.

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RazzerRedux266d ago

So at what point do gamers say "I bought the damn game and I want to play the game that I bought wherever I damn well please"?

This will become a major issue. Cloud threatens a lot of things we have taken for granted.

ElementX266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Not really, if you buy a game on Xbox, PS4, or Steam you can stream to mobile devices by running the game on your own hardware. You can play those how you please. The problem is when a company installs a game on their hardware without permission from the developers/publishers, such as the case with GeForce Now. Regardless of whether or not you have rights to play the game, it's being installed somewhere without explicit permission and Nvidia will be charging money.

RazzerRedux266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Geforce Now is basically you renting a PC in the cloud with Steam installed. The game license has been purchased for you to play the game from the Steam client. What services I choose to have access to my programs that I purchase is between me and the service provider. If I rent a Windows PC in the cloud for whatever reason, do I need to get permission from the developer of every application I am going to be using there? Nope. Game developers have this entitlement that they deserve to get paid every single time money exchanges hands.

I don't believe that is right. I bought the damn game. Where I play it is up to me. All the yapping about cloud being the future of gaming is going to go down the tubes if nonsense like this is part of that future.

cartoonx1266d ago

well i can play games on a rented aws or azure server, why cant i do that on geforce now its essentially the same thing.

ElementX266d ago

"you're not renting a blank slate cloud computer: it already has Steam and other stores installed, and every compatible game is already installed on a network drive that your virtual machine connects to."

RazzerRedux266d ago

How does that quote change anything? You've still already purchased the games through Steam and are playing the game through a Steam client that has validated your credentials.

ElementX266d ago

As I said below in the comments, I'm just sharing the things I've read, I'm not trying to defend Nvidia or the publishers.

RazzerRedux266d ago

Ah....ok. I thought that was in response to me so I was confused. That is a good article either way.

I've submitted it.

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ginsunuva264d ago

Technically on GFN you don't buy any games themselves

RazzerRedux264d ago

No, not through GFN, but you have to have already bought the games through Steam or another store.

FallenAngel1984266d ago

Idk why people make it seem like streaming will be the only method of distribution in the future and that we should look forward to it when stuff like this will happen more frequently

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BrainSyphoned266d ago

Tencent exclusivity money on Epic wasn’t enough for them I guess.

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