What Happened to Psi-Ops, The Franchise That Never Was

From Cinelinx:

We chat with the game director for Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy to discuss what went wrong in a game that had all the making of a great franchise.

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Silly gameAr207d ago

I LOVED this game. I had so much fun just messing around with the Havoc engine, that I didn't care if I finished the game or not. I wish they would bring this and The Suffering games back for the next gen.

janus225206d ago

Wow The suffering was something a the time.

ApocalypseShadow207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Loved the game. Still have it for PS2. Physics and psychic powers at the time were awesome.

But you can thank their own stupidity on finances and the scourge of EA strong arm marketing and with their buying up the NFL license that killed competition as usual and one of Midway's main bread and butter.

The article also doesn't mention that the company that ended up buying those sports franchises like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz from Midway's bankrupcy liquidation was none other than EA. Where there's evil or trouble in the industry, EA was usually behind it back then.

Would love a sequel or reboot. But that's not happening. Control will be today's only option for something like Psi-ops.

mkis007206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

God I would kill to know what the plan for the story was in each of their heads! Tat cliffhanger was annoying. I made sure to keep my copy of this.

badboyz09206d ago

Great game but we can say this for hundreds of other Franchises.
Gun,Bully,Okami,Second Sight.......

Cajun Chicken206d ago

Probably still has the best telekinesis powers in a game ever. Absolutely loved messing about in this game. Would love a remake/reboot one day.

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