5 Reasons Why You Should Play Hollow Knight

KeenGamer: "Hollow knight the Immersive Metroidvania 2D platformer that you need to try! With these 5 reasons to play Hollow Knight, we will show you why its unique playstyle will change your opinion of 2D games."

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LoveSpuds153d ago

You only need 1 reason, it's utterly brilliant!

gleepot153d ago

Love metroidvanias, but ive tried 12 times to get into this game and I just cant. I don't like the aesthetic, the physics feel bad for platforming, and it's just not that captivating. Don't get why so many people adore it.

LoveSpuds153d ago

Different strokes for different folks I guess squire. Of course, the artstyle is a subjective thing really, but I fell in love with it and adored the consistency of the artstyle in the design of the enemies and especially the NPC's and bosses.

I thought the game was quite precise in its controls too and once you unlock a few powers such as double jump and dash it becomes even more enjoyable, especially when you throw in a couple of charms to mix things up.

Ultimately though, if a game doesn't click for you there isn't a lot you can do about it, I hate it when a game is super popular but I don't like it, it always feels like I am missing out 😄. If you get a chance to play Ori and the Blind Forest, I'd recommend giving that a punt. Happy gaming duder 👍