Ducktales Remastered is Back on Digital Storefronts

Ducktales Remastered has been added back to digital storefronts after being delisted last year.

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FallenAngel1984472d ago

It always warms my heart to see games reappear on digital storefronts after they get delisted

Toiletsteak472d ago

That's awesome. It's also a fantastic game so if you don't have it yet you should pick it up.

Sgt_Slaughter471d ago

This would do well with a port to current systems. Love having platformers on-the-go with the Switch or in almost/full 4K on PS4.

autobotdan471d ago

Its playable on a current console. Xbox one

Sgt_Slaughter471d ago

It is but only through Backwards Compatibility, so it's technically not an Xbox One game

autobotdan471d ago

But its playable on xbox one. So it doesn't have to be a xbox one game

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neutralgamer1992471d ago

Got physical last time that way no dependant on license or publishers

sirultimos471d ago

I prefer to get games like this physically as well, but I'm glad it's back for the people who would prefer to download it.

jgilbert11471d ago

Might have to fire up the PS3 and grab this tonight

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The story is too old to be commented.