Looking back to 2010 and the Multiplayer Mayhem of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Paul writes: "There are a few games in most people’s gaming history that can be pointed at as turning points, or at least as significant in some way. For instance, for myself it was a game called Combat on the Atari 2600 - a title that got me into gaming in a big way, followed by Street Fighter 2 in the arcades, then Goldeneye. The biggest, most significant game of my own Xbox 360 era though is without doubt Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So come with me on a trip back in time while I attempt to explain why it meant so much then, and still continues to be important even today."

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TargusX512d ago

Excellent, excellent game. Needed a solo PVE mode so players could still play against bots once the servers died - but never happened (offline anyway). Shame the DICE team never added PVE modes to the latest and past games, I would still be playing those lovley maps right now! EA are only just learning how important offline modes are with putting Instant Action PVE mode back into SWBF2. Makes a game playable for eternity, not just for it's MP Server life.