Ferrari Challenge US Patch Live

The patch for Ferrari Challenge has gone live, weighing in at 71mb bringing with it a list of enhancements and bug fixes.

Features and Improvements:

Added PS3 trophy support
Added custom play lists functionality
Added photo mode to garage which saves to the PS3 hard drive
Added split times in Time Trial
Improved frame rate
Improved performance of the Thrustmaster wheels
Game now pauses automatically when the XMB is on (except during multiplayer)
Added gear indicator to in car view
Added option to invert the G25 sequential shifter
Added difficulty based AI qualifying times
Added G25 wheel configuration to include look left / right on the front facing red buttons
Added basic racing line to show racing line only and not braking zones
Players can now specify custom player names
Online -Private lobbies can now be created with half or all slots being reserved
Online/LAN -Host can now specify the maximum driving assist levels
Online/LAN -Host can now specify the grid order based on ranking (taken from the tutorial
score), or lap record for the specified circuit and can also do the inverse grid based on these
Online/LAN -During race player names can now be toggled on / off by pressing R3
Online/LAN -Race results alternate between race time and fastest lap during multiplayer
Online/LAN -When searching for games, the server select screen now includes the status
'SYNCING' to show that the game will begin imminently
Online/LAN -Server list screen now displays car name, grid order, and transmission options
Online/LAN -When returning back to the join game match making screen, the default car is
now the last one selected
Online - When a game is full, it now appears in the lobby list and will say FULL
Online -Opponent voices can now be muted
Increased transparency of tire smoke
Improved penalty zone on first corner in Monza
Replays are available for races which the player retired from


Fixed potential issue with save games becoming invalid after a set number of events are
Fixed potential issue with not being able to unlock 'The Collector' accomplishment
Fixed broken shadows in the pit lane
Fixed black track when racing line disabled
Fixed the "Hard Lines" accomplishment
Fixed hang after watching a replay when the rev bar was on
Fixed driver disappearing with the car when driving through opponents in multiplayer
Fixed engine popping in replays
Fixed force feedback dead zones on steering wheels
Fixed potential crash in leader boards
Online/LAN -Significantly improved connectivity and reduced the likelihood of disconnects
Online/LAN -Fixed issues with collisions
Online/LAN -When a player leaves a net race, it now says they have retired from race as
opposed to finished
Online/LAN -When receiving the 'Room no longer exists' message players are now returned
to the join game screen
Online/LAN -Removed 2 second pause as players entered / exited a game while racing

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pwnsause3675d ago

sounds good, might get this now.

blu3print3675d ago

a pretty solid game, the only bug I experienced from the list was the one with the rev bar on. Trophies will help sell this now

Jamegohanssj53675d ago

Damn I may actually pick this up. When it's about 30 bucks.


Damphear3675d ago

now that is a patch.

i've never seen that many things patch at once.

Kyur4ThePain3675d ago

Sounds to me more like the game was released too early.
That's a LOT off bugs.