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David from Gaming Instincts writes: Six years after its announcement, with development rebooted twice, Dreams unleashes its creative vision. The April 2019 early access release let the community flex its muscles with staggering results. The official release, however, marks a watershed moment for the industry. Games like Little Big Planet and Project Spark had merits, but Dreams’ toolset culminates in the ultimate form of expression.

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spicelicka1077d ago

didn't expect anything less than a masterpiece

chobit_A5HL3Y1077d ago

i was really hoping this game would have vr support. i’d buy it in a second if it did.

akaFullMetal1077d ago

I heard they are working on it.

Ozzy24071076d ago

It will have VR support studio co-founder Mark Healey has said PSVR support for Dreams is coming but no mention of a date