March’s Free PS Plus Games: Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces

Topple giants or run rings around your opponents with next month’s gaming line-up. With March’s pair of PS Plus games, you’ll embark on a dangerous quest to cleanse a land of its giant-sized inhabitants, and help not one but two versions of a platforming legend save the world.

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Relientk7741d ago

Awesome! I haven't gotten around to picking up the Shadow of Colossus remake yet.

Sony has been killing it with PS+ offerings for months now

Dirtnapstor41d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is an awesome remake. Bluepoint did a fabulous job with it.

bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Shame on me I didn't get it at release day.. I think I'm going to do this and lost guardian in March!!
Thank you Sony!!!

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GamerRN40d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one despite Last Guardian, God of War, Uncharted 4 and Spiderman still waiting to be finished...

RpgSama41d ago

Really cool that they added a Sonic game with the movie still going strong in the Cinemas, great cross promotion I guess.

UltraNova41d ago

Yeah, I've been itching to get a Sonic games since I saw the movie (which was great btw). Thanks Sony! They've really been kicking it out of the park with Plus lately.

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The 10th Rider40d ago

For as much hate as it got, Sonic Forces was still . . . . serviceable? It isn't a masterpiece and isn't a particularly good game, but there's some fun to be had in it.

Terry_B41d ago

Well, Remasters after Remasters this year, but damn good ones.

Eidolon40d ago

SoC is a remake this time.. WTF? Why do people get confused??

Kran41d ago

I could have SWORN a few months ago people were moaning that it was a poor line up. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though

Petebloodyonion41d ago

Have you consider that perhaps Sony's corrected after the shitload of complaint they got for a price hike, cut of ps3/Vita game and the poor offering it had?
Like when they gave Detroit become Human at the last minutes after lots of complaints

blackblades41d ago

Remember the days when you people use to b!t©h about ps+ games. Now look at you, bet it all will start all over again when ps5 comes out.

StoneyYoshi41d ago

Im so glad I held off on picking it up for PS4!

40d ago
Donnie8140d ago

You are in for a treat my friend. Great game!

nowitzki200440d ago

This is the most excited I have been for PS+ games in a while. SOC is an all time great game and havent played it in about 15 years.

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akaFullMetal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nice, don't have either, another good month for me. ☺️

Abnor_Mal41d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is such a great game, played it on PS2, PS3, and PS4. So many people I knew dismissed this game back in the days, since no clues were given on where and what to do.

I don't know what Sonic Forces is or if it is any good. Unfortunately I've never been good at any Sonic game, or 2D games in general. I will still add to my library of backlogged games and give it a go.

Nykamari40d ago

I’m one of those people you speak of, when it came out on PS2! I was into Figthers back then, now I can play it with better graphics! Good month for me

Abnor_Mal40d ago

It's never too late to play a good game. I'm sure you will enjoy and say, damn I should have played it sooner.

SegaSaturn66941d ago

SotC is great, sonic is trash. Not a great month, imo

genericgamer0141d ago

They gave a great game by your own standards, but it's not a great month?

yomfweeee41d ago

He expects 1000% satisfaction for his $5 a month.

SegaSaturn66941d ago

Judge it by its weakest link. I cant think of a worse month. Still, not terrible, though.

Rhythmattic40d ago


owwww .......... thats gota hurt.

jeromeface40d ago

Segasaturn669 is garbage tier.

40d ago
Smokehouse41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nice. Haven’t played SotC since ps2! Sony is killing it so far with the free games. I was highly disappointed in Microsoft with their free games until I saw 2 point hospital on gamepass. I played it last night for like 2 hours, it’s pretty cool and saved me money. Their gamepass is incredible value so it makes up for their shitty gold months. I’d rather pay a little more for gamepass and get free online on Xbox.

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Silly gameAr41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You sound like a MS PR person to be honest.

This has nothing to do with MS, nothing to do with gamepass, and nothing to do with 2 Point Hospital.

TheRealTedCruz41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Smokehouse: "Sony has been killing it with their free games"
"I was highly disappointed with MS, but their gamepass is incredible value and makes up for their poor free games"
"I buy games on PS, but I buy gamepass on Xbox"

Your take: "He sounds like a MS spokesperson"

To me, it sounds like you take issue of people saying things even mildly positive of MS.

Smokehouse41d ago

You sound silly and triggered for no reason to be honest.

Profchaos41d ago

Pay a little more for gamepass and get online isn't that gamepass ultimate for 15 a month.

But really Xbox gwg sucks these days I own both consoles and it's been consistently bad for so long that I don't bother adding games to my account anymore also I've finished everything I want to on gamepass despite having tons available most higher profile games I already played like GTA v and tomb raider unless they were launched there like gears and outer worlds

but I often spend more time on one title on ps4 like this month I've replayed bioshock infinite and it's DLC packs and started bioshock 1/2 and I'm already excited for sotc as I missed it back in the day.

I find quality better than quantity which I feel like on gamepass they often throw a large quantity at you but the titles all compete for attention and get ignored.

Smokehouse40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Bioshock 👍 yeah gwg is trash most likely because of gamepass. The comparison was the whole point of my post.

rainslacker40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Don't you still need Gold to play online with game pass games?

And if you just pay more for game pass, how exactly is it free online with Xbox? Just seems like you're changing the product, but not the amount you're paying.

Anyhow, services like PS+, or GWG, are going to have their hit or miss months. Sometimes they will be great, other times complete crap. What matters is if in the long run, are you getting your moneys worth.

With PS+, I tend to save enough on sales to make it pay for itself. The "free games" are enough to make it worthwhile, although they did have a while where I was questioning if I should resub. I wouldn't get PS+ just to play online. I can do without that.

Smokehouse40d ago

Yup. Games like sea of thieves wouldn’t even load until I got gold. I hadn't had gold in years but I got 12 months of gamepass for like 50 bucks last year. I decided to keep it going recently with the ultimate whatever until e3, 6 months. Hopefully i can get another good deal then.

They are going in the right direction with ultimate but keeping gold and gamepass separate is kinda moot at this point. Just call the gamepass Xbox gold with the games, extras and deals. Keep online separate or at least make the online worth taxing lol. Free online for everyone but make the goldpass the optional service. Its a good service worth paying for. Without it my Xbox wouldn’t be used at all. That’s not PR, that’s fact lol.

This year which is only 3 months to be fair has been terrible for GWG and brilliant for Plus. I buy the ps games I want so bioshock isn’t of any use to me but it’s my favorite game. It’s highlighted for millions who wouldn’t have tried it otherwise and I’m cool with that. I liked SoC back in the day but never felt the need to buy the remaster, so it’s good picks like these that aim at everyone. GWG had Call of Cthulhu which is pretty cool but that’s it.

If I have to pay Plus online then so be it but I think it sucks personally. The deals are good I agree but paying for deals sucks too lol. But they are picking great games to dish out and I gave them credit. The “free” just means it won’t disappear from rotation like gamepass games do. I don’t mind the rotation though, if I like a game that much I would probably buy it anyway.

rainslacker40d ago

I think there's probably less profit margin in game pass compared to Gold. Those licensing costs can't come cheap. I was kind of surprised Sony dropped the price of their yearly plan so much to be honest.

The forced pay to play online is probably a better revenue generator right now, because I can't imagine MS has enough subs to support the drop in revenue they'd get by combining the two services completely.

However, it is reasonable to assume that the two services will combine one day, or just be one service, as MS wants to find a sub model that will be supported across it's entire platform, which includes PC, which completely rejected paid to play online the last time MS tried it on GFWL.

I haven't taken the game pass plunge. I just have too much back log, and I'd actually prefer to pay for the games I want to play. Nothing against the service, it's just not that relevant for my personal gaming habits.

Smokehouse39d ago

That’s an online tax plain and simple. The games try to justify it and it is a mixed bag like you say. Killing the tax might cut revenue, it might not. But it is a bold/unlikely move. Wasnt MS working on some server farm bullshit that turns your Xbox into 40 Xbox’s? Make that the gold online and keep the basic free. It’s okay when it’s a service and not just an internet toll.

If Gold = gamepass, upgraded server online, deals and misc perks for 15 a month? I’d be okay with that on a good sale. I think giving the deals to everyone even without plus accounts would make more sense. potentially sell more games to people that can’t justify paying for online. I’m that way but I pay for plus and gold for online so I guess they win lol. I don’t want to see their revenue tank but that model is ass and deserves to fail. It’s unearned, a tax. Paid online is a bigger scam than loot boxes.

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