My top 5 favourite Halo levels

Chirag Pattni discusses what factors make Halo levels great. As well what he considers to be the best Halo levels in the series.

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Gaming4Life1981434d ago

Halo 1 when you first see the flood, that made me feel like I was in aliens lol Game Over Man Game Over.

Battle wise halo 1 and the mission is Two Betrayals cause it's all out war and all vehicles are being used as well as going to war with all enemies.

spicelicka434d ago

That level was ridiculous! really felt like a horror game all of a sudden. The first Halo imo is one of the oldest most playable games. Almost every game from that era feels dated and clunky but not Halo CE.

My favourite was the Covenant from Halo 3, it was just the perfect mix of on-foot combat and vehicle gameplay. You get to use almost every vehicle in the sandbox and face every enemy type, including 2 damn scarabs at once, and it's all complimented by gorgeous environments and beautiful music.

Gaming4Life1981434d ago

Yea the covenant from halo 3 was epic and the 2 scarab was sick. I'm a go back and start at reach and beat all the halo games again now.

spicelicka434d ago

^Nice, I gotta beat Reach again too since the re-release

434d ago