Mortal Kombat 11 Poster Reveals New Look At Spawn

This awesome Mortal Kombat 11 poster reveals another new look at Spawn, who's about to make his way to the beloved fighting game.

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ilikestuff39d ago

All the remake, reboot movies and no love for spawn. It’s a shame really, he’s one of the coolest looking characters

39d ago
kamisama39d ago

The creator is working on a movie as we speak he said itll be more of a horror movie vibe to it and I believe hes working with blumhouse to make it.

thatguyhayat40d ago

Is the link working for anyone? It wont open

warriorcase40d ago

There is already one in preproduction with Todd Mcfarlane himself being heavily involved. It was suppose to start filming last year and got delayed but McFarlane said it is stilled planned to go ahead. Think last I heard it was Jamie Foxx playing him.

Xb1ps439d ago

Yea I won’t hold my breath.. I hope it happens but I have no faith, it’s been all talk far longer than last year. And it’s a different take on spawn we won’t see him, well not like we would want to but it can still be good

NecrumOddBoy39d ago

I would love a great Spawn reboot. The first film was excellent but the technology wasn't where it needed to be for this character so I am looking forward to a new one (if it ever happens). I also don't know how I feel about Jamie Foxx playing Simmons.

39d ago
Silly gameAr40d ago

He looks pretty cool. Wonder what his alt costumes will look like.

Karambit39d ago

The creators of God of war should make a Spawn game.

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