TVGB: Shaun the Sheep Review

TVGB writes: "The show is produced by Aardman Animations, the studio responsible for the lovable, Plasticine adventures of Wallace & Gromit. It focuses on the intelligent, creative, human-like sheep Shaun and his slapstick escapades in a barnyard. The whistle-blowing sheepdog Bitzer, the plain, unassuming Farmer and the clumsy, daft sheep that make up the rest of the Flock provide plenty of comic situations, while the Naughty Pigs' mockery, cruelty and scheming make for a good foil. The episodes are very reminiscent of the silent films of the early twentieth century, as there is no spoken dialogue whatsoever (there are sheep bleets, human grumbles and other sound effects, of course) and the comedy is often physical in nature".

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