Why Development Stopped On DOOM 4

According to ID Executive Producer Marty Stratton, DOOM 4 was scrapped because "it was more 'DOOM' in name than really anything."

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Dabigsiebowski1121d ago

Because they wanted to punish John Carmack.

AK911121d ago

From reports apparently Doom 4 was shaping up to be COD but set in the DOOM universe, honestly really glad that didn’t happen.

Profchaos1121d ago

Pretty much they wanted to make it to meet what was selling at the time and in doing so it lost the soul of what makes doom doom.

MadLad1121d ago

Even Doom 3 did that, despite being a solid game all the same. Not mind blowing, in my opinion, but a solid title.

1121d ago
Segata1121d ago

Because it was Call of Duty with generic demons on Earth. Looked worse than the 2009 Wolfenstein. They made the right call.