Bethesda is pulling most of its games from NVIDIA GeForce Now

Bethesda Softworks is removing most of its games from NVIDIA GeForce Now streaming. For unknown reasons, only Wolfenstein: Youngblood will remain.

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Christopher40d ago

The future is cloud streaming, but only if you don't own the game and use what we want you to use for cloud streaming.

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battlegrog40d ago

its because its a third party service trying to make money off the games with out the companies paying them. This is why xcloud will be supreme because it will basically duplicate xbox once it launches. You pay to access the xbox menu and you pay for your games,Simple

Rude-ro40d ago

Imagine if you knew how it really worked.
Are you getting paid for this?

Third party games are under contract.
Unless the ip is owned by the company offering said product, they are only as guaranteed as the contracts are.
There is no “superior” version of this agreement.

Microsoft does not make games, so no.. they are in no way superior.

Christopher40d ago

Yeah, XCloud will forgo any money and just support the third-parties. That's how a business thrives into the future, forgoing profits at all.

I also like how everyone knows how XCloud will work when Microsoft has said absolutely nothing about it nor have they mentioned anything about when it will even be revealed.

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crazyCoconuts40d ago

I think battlegrog is saying that MS will pay the companies some kind of cut and get them into a contract instead of just hoping they don't pull out. I agree that MS has the pockets and clout to do that better than Nvidia. Don't know about it being "supreme" because of that, but whatever 😊

Christopher39d ago

***I think battlegrog is saying that MS will pay the companies some kind of cut and get them into a contract instead of just hoping they don't pull out. ***

That's not at all what he said. He said it will basically duplicate xbox (and, ironically, NVidia Geforce Now). What you're talking about is standard licensing model. Which is accurate and reflective of most streaming services right now.

rob-GP39d ago

"because it will basically duplicate Xbox once it launches" - Ever wondered why there are only around 50 games in the service during the beta? Simple, MS will have to pay a licensing fee for each and every game which appears in their rental service. If you're expecting every single game on Xbox to be in the officially launched service, you may be disappointed.

However, if you use the Xbox version of PlayStation's Remote Play - allowing you to stream your own console - then that'll let you access all of your own games, for free. Otherwise, you're paying for the selection of games MS has paid for.

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porkChop39d ago

It doesn't make any sense for these companies to be pulling out. You still have to buy the game, so the publisher loses zero dollars.

Tech539d ago

It would seem that there may be some companies that want to double dip on streaming. Or at least think of it that way.

With GeForce now all you have to do is make a single game purchase and the stream access is continual with out a forced subscription.

I guess some developers will get it as this actually promotes making purchases and supporting sales.

rainslacker39d ago

I have a feeling that streaming games from PC will become a standard in a Windows update sometime in the future. Probably won't cost anything either, unless MS tries to tie it to xCloud, which is something different. MS is making moves on the PC gaming front, and they've had remote desktop for the longest time. Games are impractical with that feature, but with today's hardware, there really is no reason why games couldn't use something in the same vein.

I don't really see how companies can outright stop it if the game is being played on the hardware it was intended. Its a paid service, yes, but the user isn't violating any of the license agreements since the game isn't playing on unlicensed hardware.

rob-GP39d ago

There's no issue with streaming games from your own system - Steam Streaming is now available on mobile devices so you can stream your pc anywhere, like the PS4. The issue is, Geforce has a paid membership model where they are keeping all the proceeds for themselves and not paying the publishers - in Beta it was all free.

So, unless they start paying to allow games in the service, publishers won't simply allow them to support their games. Similar issue with GamePass, MS can't put a game into the service until they've given a bunch of money to the dev/publisher.

Atom66639d ago

Apparently they want another cut.

I don't understand how Bethesda or Activision are entitled to a seperate check, unless they think they're entitled a fee for advertising? I don't know...

We buy the game, pubs get their money, and then we pay Nvidia to stream it. It's probably one of the best models we've seen.

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AnubisG39d ago

I keep telling people that this is the goal. No one believes me and here is more proof of it. It's all about control.

No one should support any sort of streaming. Not even the Xcloud. Why? If you give them an inch.....

starchild39d ago

I don't like the fragmentation caused by multiple different streaming services, but it's not like companies aren't trying to control where you play by using exclusivity to encourage you to get locked into their ecosystems.

kernel39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Streaming games doesn’t really make much sense for the most part, but it will be around for a little while. I could see it if games are being stored completely online eventually, and then processed locally (which is how video streaming works).

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zRude40d ago

Soon there is 10 different gaming streaming services, as there is for movies / tv shows. F this. Time to put on my eye patch again.

Christopher40d ago

This is why I think hardware will remain for a while. There's only 3 hardware systems, and Nintendo, for the games people are talking about going to the cloud. And while there are growing number of services on those platforms, people know they can buy and play games like always without having to mix it up with those services let alone cloud-based services. It's also why GamePass is so popular. It's an option, and it doesn't change how people otherwise game.

Servbot4139d ago

"Why do people keep pirating our games/movies/shows?!"
This. This is why. Stop taking away options

King_Noctis39d ago

People should always keep an emergency eyepatch in their closet in case stuff like this happen.

Christopher39d ago

Emergency eyepatch *squawk* emergency eyepatch

Mr_Writer8540d ago

Geforce now had so much promise.

Ahh well.

Nitrox40d ago

Am I missing something? How is Nvidia profiting off streaming the game for you any different than any of the several gaming pc manufacturers profiting off selling you a machine to run said games???

Why are so many publishers demanding not to have their games run on the service?

crazyCoconuts40d ago

I'm curious too. I like your analogy with the PC. Maybe because they're doing some magic with those Steam installs and marketing the games directly they're being treated like a reseller? Maybe if they just rented you a PC on the cloud they wouldn't have to honor takedowns. But then the companies could just block online services for those IPs.. Nvidia can't win without $$$
I think publishers are pulling back because they want a slice of the $$$, and they know the big players will pay them

Christopher39d ago

The issue to them is that you aren't being tied to hardware. They want you tied to hardware or forced to pay a licensing fee for the accessibility. This world of streaming to any device from your owned library isn't what they want, it removes their control and desire to get you to buy games multiple times on multiple platforms.

rainslacker39d ago

That's where I'm kind of confused as well. Game is still running on the device it was licensed for. This is like remote play basically. It's a different input and output method, but I dont see how these companies can legally say that nvidia is not allowed to do what they're doing. Nvidia isn't making money off the games directly. Just proving another way to display and interact with the games. Windows has done this for regular software since remote desktop in win3.1. It hasn't been practical for games until more recently, but same principal applies. It's why sony doesnt need permission for remote play on ps4, although they do have a white list due to wanting to keep good relations with the publishers.

ginsunuva39d ago

Maybe cause it requires games to also come with a Steam key, and some publishers are looking to ditch Steam forever.

rob-GP39d ago

The issue is licencing. When the service was in beta, every package for the service was free. Now it's launched, there's a paid-for service meaning that Geforce is making money off other people's games without giving the publisher any money for using their games as, effectively, rental copies. That's why a bunch of them are being pulled as it wasn't in the agreement that Nvidia would ever charge for them.

They'll return if/when they discuss the amount they want to be re-inserted

Atom66639d ago

But the games have been bought and paid for. Nvidia is just allowing you to stream games that Bethesda, Activision, etc. have already gotten paid for by the users. Nvidia is basically renting out a PC for you to play your games on.

I could see if they need to simply update agreements generally, but I don't understand why the pubs should be entitled to an additional fee.

Removing hardware barriers actually helps the software makers.

rob-GP39d ago

@atom, because Nvidia has added the games without getting full permission from the publishers. Nvidia now have a paid-for version of their service, charging people to play a publishers games on their service without the rights.

Ever buy a physical dvd or bluray and see the big “not for rental” sticker on there? That’s because those who with to rent or use the products in a service have to get permission (usually bought) first. Imagine if Nextflix bought a load of dvds and then put them on their service without permission - same situation.

I know that this only lets you use the games if you’ve bought them on Steam, but the games ‘on’ Nvidia servers aren’t technically yours, they’re all pre-downloaded and ready to play - hence Nvidia has a load of games sat on their servers which they have no rights to have stored, thus they are being removed.

Atom66638d ago

I understand their issues with the license agreements maybe not being updated, but my point is that it doesn't justify asking for a cut. If the licensing agreement that allowed them to utilize the game code during the free trial was agreeable, it's a bit unclear why suddenly the paid service would change their view outside of needing minor changes to the language. I say "a bit unclear," but we know the real reason.

The pubs benefit from the the service because it encourages more users to buy PC titles that they may not have purchased otherwise. Nvidia is doing the heavy lifting to allow more customers to be available to the pubs here.

You equate it to netflix buying DVDs and streaming them without permission, but it's really not quite like that. It's the equivalent of a movie company giving Netflix a DVD and saying: Hey, you take on the expense of streaming it, but only let verified purchasers stream it. That seems fair.

Licenses are paid for by Netflix, but they don't require you already own the movie. Pubs and devs are paid to add titles to gamepass and PSNow, but they don't require you to already own the games. Here? You have to buy the damn game.

I'm with Rich on this one, it seems like BS from some of the usual suspects...

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WeedyOne40d ago

I don't get why games are being pulled. It streams games you already own right?

RazzerRedux39d ago

Yeah....but now there is a middle man (nvidia) involved who is charging money for a service involving these games. These publishers want a piece of the pie. I'm sure this is all a licensing mess. gaming is the future. /s

rainslacker39d ago

But it's not the games specifically that are being added to the service is it? It's just streaming the images just like it would be outputting them to a screen if you had an NVidia GPU. It will also handle input commands.

Am I misunderstanding how this service works?

RazzerRedux39d ago

"But it's not the games specifically that are being added to the service is it?"

Yes, it is. You choose from your games that are available in the Geforce Now client app to add to the Geforce Now service. Only games approved games show up on the list. This is done before you ever get to the streaming part.

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