Ultimate Chicken Horse Gets an A-cobra-tic New Addition

Ultimate Chicken Horse is out here adding dadgum snakes on a dadgum skateboard to their party platformer.

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PhoenixUp279d ago

“And now, you can play with even more friends as the game is opening up cross-play between PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Xbox One isn’t included, but it’s still a great addition to the game.”

Hold up. Stop the presses

Anytime a PS4 game doesn’t feature cross platform play so many people make a bigger deal than it should be about it no matter what type of game it was. Don’t tell me those same people are going to ignore this new situation with this game.

Abnor_Mal278d ago

If course they're not going to say anything. They will not put the blame on MS like they are quick to blame Sony.

A game gets cross play or saves and instead of being happy they shade Sony and derail a big part of the comment section with their stupid digs.