PS3 LittleBigPlanet - not the instant hit it was meant to be


"LittleBigPlanet is likely to be one of those games which sells well from now until the end of the PS3's life due to its wide-ranging appeal and likelihood of being included in console bundles. But that won't stop the early sales from being a disappointment to Sony and Playstation fanboys alike.

The bigger picture sees me asking questions over Sony's marketing strategy. The PS3 is hardly doing brilliantly at the moment, and with no price cut forthcoming, I can't see that changing anytime soon. Has Sony given up? Is it just playing the long game? Either way, something needs to happen fast or Sony risk getting left far behind in the current generation console war."

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AllseeingEye3674d ago

LBP has legs. Long..long legs. It will do just fine fools.

chaosatom3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

they are like
*lets think of ways to rip on Sony*

thor3674d ago

Again, they are talking as though the US is the only country in the world. It wasn't released in the UK until the 5th or something.

Yoma3674d ago

That can't be true, because it's a user created map played by 450.000 different players. And everyone doesn't play online, or do they?

Milky Joe3674d ago

The only figures people are basing anything off is the few days at the end of October that the game was available in the US. It was the 3rd of Nov in Europe and I'm not sure about Japan. Lets wait until we get November's figures before we start jumping to conclusions, hey gamer.blorge?

Man_of_the_year3674d ago

lair, haze, Motorstorm 2, and Socom anyone.

thor3674d ago

Motorstorm 2 and Socom are being enjoyed by many people...

ChrisGTR13674d ago

LMFAO!!!! ^^^^^^

its pretty dissapointing though. really when you think of it , its only the hardcore that want this game, the people listening to podcasts and that visit gaming websites daily. i guess thats a very low number as proven with its sales.

sirbigam3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Ya the game will do fine but sonys pissing people of by taking out levels people worked so hard on. LBP would have had some ridiculous levels if people didn't have to worry bout copyright issues, it's a dam shame.This stuff is just user generated levels that give no profit to the creators, they should be immune to copyright laws.

xhairs93674d ago

Or you're incredibly full of it.

I consider myself a hardcore gamer but I like all games as long as they prove to be a good time. I didn't buy LBP for one simple reason. When they delayed it the day it was supposed to come out I didn't want to wait another week for another game, thus I bought other games on that day and didn't have the money or the will to get LBP when I already had a few games to finish and beat and play to the point of boredom.

You see, the problem was that they had a good 5 months after MGS4 came out in which they released absolutely...nothing. When LBP came out it was going to be the one because it was going to be new, it was going to be something people hadn't played before, etc. etc. the problem was that when they had to release it another week later people were tired of waiting for a new game, thus we bought other games. When these people are done with the other games they bought I'm sure LBP will hit nicely like it was supposed to somewhere around Christmas. That's pretty much what I'm waiting for, I want to boost those Christmas sales now and I can definitely wait with the mass amount of games that just came out.

tplarkin73674d ago

Gears was a new IP and I'm sure pre-orders exceeded a million copies.

3674d ago
silvacrest3674d ago

Gears 1 was a new IP but it was still a shooter and we all no how well shooters go especially in the US

nothing new apart from the cover system

*emphasis and caps for the itchy fingered haters*

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morganfell3674d ago

Man of the year, self ownage of the moment.

On a separate note, Ripten is incapable of saying anything eloquently.

ravinash3674d ago

I have a 360 and a PS3, and yet its the PS3 I have more games for.
23 games on PS3 and 2 on 360.
I guess its all down to what games you like to play.

Besides, LBP will be fine...there are not a lot of games that stretch across so many or middle aged, boy or girl, Hardcore or casual gamer. there something for everyone.

The only complaint you hear from people about the game is about the complaints system for creative levels. But I'm sure if people keep Emailing MM, that will be sorted out.
Other than that everyone loves the game. the only people who say it suck are the ones who haven't played it.

Bodhi3674d ago

Whoever mentioned Too Human... I just surprised myself here but I really wanted to see how much Too Human sold in it's first week.

Too Human - 183,324 Week 1 Total.

Amazing, a flop sold ALMOST as much as LittleBigPlanet, a much better game. (In terms of polish, Too Human is a bit on the mediocre side in presentation, personally, I loved the classes and the loot.)

morganfell3674d ago

Same here ravinash. Other than the Halo series and a few other games, I have cleaned out my 360 library. I don't purchase for it unless it is something I really want and it absolutely isn't available on any other platform and isn't coming down the road. I didn't have to have Gears 2 but since it is coming to the PS3 I will get it then.

thewhoopimen3674d ago

I blame Sony on failing to market/advertise this product properly. There should've been media blitzes akin to GtaIV if not Halo3 for this product. I see more bus stop ads with left4dead than I see LBP ads (1 billboard).

Persistant marketing vs. giant spots. I choose persistance.

zypher3674d ago

i'm starting to wish Sony would've just delayed the game to Nov. 1, that way we wouldn't have to suffer any more of these kinda articles, which are based on 4 days worth of sales.

robep33674d ago

Was shown on the Gadget Show here tonight in the UK the presenters said it was the best looking game on ANY CONSOLE and it was worth buying a PS3 for this game alone because of user levels etc.


CrazzyMan3674d ago

Not many people can afford 5-7 games in ONE week, neither 10-12 in TWO weeks.

gametheory3674d ago


Wii play, wii sports, wii fit, Zelda TP, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Smash Bros, Paper Mario, Manhunt 2, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Warioware, Mario Party, Zelda Crossbow training, Elebits, DeBlob, No More Heroes, Mario and Sonic at the olympics, Boom Blox, Rayman Raving Rabbids,Zak and Wiki.


Little Big Planet, Resistance Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, DMC4, Call of Duty 4, Assassin's creed, Burnout Paradise, Eternal Sonata, Valkyria Chronicles, Ratchet and Clank, Soul Calibur 4, GT5:Prologue, Motorstorm, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Folklore, Virtua Fighter 5, Timeshift, Blacksite Area 51, The Darkness, Rockband, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Singstar, Jericho and I plan to get Dead Space and Mirror's edge soon. That and the ton of PS1 and PS2 games which I still play and also several downloadables from PSN. I also buy my movies on Blu-ray if they are available. I also bought Haze and Lair just to see how bad they were.


Oblivion, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Fable 2, Gears 1, Gears 2, Halo 3, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Lost Planet, Tales of Vesperia, Prey, The Orange Box, GRAW, Grand theft auto IV, Viva Piñata, Dead Rising, Scene-it, Ninja Gaiden 2. I also want to buy Lips, I'm a karaokee fan. I also bought Infinite Undiscovery and Too Human from bargain bins to see how bad they were. That and several classic Xbox titles and XBLA titles.

I've already played Bioshock on 360 at a friend's house but haven't bought it because I'm unsure about getting the PS3 version. I know there are a few more pixel on the 360 version but I prefer extra DLC. Any recommendations? Perhaps Home might sway me to buy it, I'm in the Home Beta now and it's awesome.

Anyway of course it's up to your tastes but to buy more games for a particular console, but if you're gonna be so retarded to buy a console and then be PROUD that you don't use it like the guy above, then don't buy it, you're only embarrassing yourself and you'll do us PS3 owners a favor if you get yourself out of the PSN.

I favor my PS3 but by no means I'm as stupid as the guy that has 57 Xbox 360 games (are there really that many games worth buying for a single console that early in its lifetime?) and only 4 PS3 games, seriously for those 600 dollars you could have bought 10 more 360 games and save everyone the embarrassment.

----------------------------- ------------------------

Haters will sh**t the f*ck up in november and december once sales for LBP normalize in every country after all the delays. I don't think it's gonna sell 5 million this or next year but it's gonna sell better than these fanboys think.

SuperM3674d ago

Why bring up that Too Human sold almost as well the first week as LBP? If anything that proves that xbox owners are retards that pay for flops. Oh well that actually makes sense.

iHEARTboobs3674d ago

..or doesn't, LBP is still a great game. And you can't take that away from LBP. One of the best innovative games of the year, too bad a lot of people are missing out. I'm not though. :)

superflyguy3674d ago

I'll probably pick this game up for the holiday season.

morganfell3674d ago

Too Human sales the first week versus LBP sales? Someone just showed their lack of deductive intellect.

7 days versus 4 days?

If you believe MS, larger user base versus smaller user base.

And still LBP outsold that low grade 360 title.

I think the truth is being hidden here. In reality I believe 360 owners are being repeatedly for multiple bad consoles. In my case counted as 4 different owners.

If there really were 4 of me then maybe it would be easier to handle being 4 people screwed 1 time rather than 1 guy screwed 4 times now by a crappy console whose coffin was sent last week and still hasn't arrived.

mint royale3674d ago

no one hyped too human in the way lbp was hyped. So your congratulating lbp for outselling it. It would be a disaster if it didn't lbp is a much much better game. Oh well small victories n'all.

Also what do you mean by the 360 has a bigger userbase if you believe microsoft? Its a fact it has. Have you seen sony brag about outselling the 360 yet? No? Microsoft shipped 22.5 million new consoles by sep 30th whilst sony shipped 16.6 I believe to retailers. The gap is still around 6 million although if you align the launches ps3 is infront as microsoft had only shipped 13.84 million consoles by its 8th quarter (which the ps3 has just completed and sold just over 16 million)

By comparision the ps2 was at 24 million shipped on its 8th quarter, 8 million ahead of the ps3.
The wii has shipped 36 million by its 8th and will become the best selling console of all time in all probability.

iHEARTboobs3674d ago

People were hyping Too Human left and right. LBP is/was hyped too, but the difference is that LBP delievered more in quality than Too Human according to Reviews. Either way, LBP is a great game but we've yet to see what kind of legs it has.

xhairs93674d ago

Look at the dev of Too Human Dennis Dyack. Not only did he hype this game 5,000,000 times that of anyone trying to hype LBP. But he was the creator. And it still sucked, and then he lashed out when the truth finally hit with his metacritic score.

Now take for LBP for instance. The game saw very little advertisement compared to any 360 game. That's the one thing everyone keeps blaming the poor sales on for LBP -- lack of advertisement (AKA - Hype). How can you sit there and compare the two games?

Too Human was hyped way more than any game period, LBP was advertised probably a little more than any other PS3 game, but that's not saying much.

PS I enjoy watching your 360 commercials where it says, "Now $199" for a good 2 seconds but what you don't see is the, "all peripherals and things you can't do without will make this puppy cost around $350 when it's all said and done."

Saigon3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I wonder why people always forget that sony games usually do not sell well initialy...most to all of their AAA games always become a word of mouth success...I am not saying this is what will happen with this game but it will come close to it...MS has always been known for instant smash hits and then sales go sales always stays at a steady rate...think about it after the launch MS, R:FOM, and many of the PS3 launch games continue to sale through (and dont bring up the argument that there were no games because people were still buying motostorm when HS, and NGS released)...where as the 360 launch games stop selling after a short while...

I am also mad that this article was written because 4 days of sales does not mean anything...did anyone ask if they were able to get all the correct sales data for the game...for instance I preordered LBP on Amazon...were they able to get all of fridays (31OCT2008) sales data...most data complied on the last day the month is always here say because it takes a while for the systems to update...especially since it was a friday...

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chaosatom3674d ago

LBP is better than gears PP.

Are u sad PP?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3674d ago

Nearly all my PSN mates have got it, so it HAS sold LOADS!!! ;-P
Just wait for THIS Months sales;) It's all good;)

I think the 'xBox 360' not outselling the 'Wii' at it's cheaper price is a FAIL!!! ;-D
(God i've said that 1 Million times!!! ;-D But it sounds good!!!) ;-D

Pennywise3674d ago

Funny, everyone on my friends list has LBP. I think November/December #'s will hush the haters.

MazzingerZ3674d ago

that's correct. I hadn't seen so many people in my FL playing the same game since MGS4.

The bundles in Europe were released this week and that game wasn't released until november here, IMO the game is selling well

But who cares? that's irrelevant for us gamers, I prefer playing the GOTY than any other game just because it sells well

ReBurn3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Resistance 2 came out and that's what everyone in my friends list was playing. The delay hurt the momentum of the game considerably, in my opinion. It's a great game, and over it's life it will do well. But it did not achieve the instant classic status that Sony was hoping for.

I don't regret purchasing it, because it is really good.

RememberThe3573674d ago

This game will not flop, trust me. All three of the major regains seem to be taking to this game very well. To me the November numbers will be the most telling, I'm not as sure as Pennywise is about the sales number silencing the haters, but I think they will be satisfying to many of the fanboys begging for this game to do well.

xhairs93674d ago

Thank God. Someone else has understood the problem of LBP sales. The fact that it was yet again delayed dropped the ball for this game to do so well in its first few days. R2 came out and then the game was rereleased I don't have the money or time to get LBP. But no fear, this game will last a LONG time and will sell lots more than anyone so far believes it can sell.

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Aclay3674d ago

I think that LBP sold pretty well on the PS3 in the U.S. only to be out for 4 days in October. If LBP had came out on Oct. 21st I think that LBP probably could have sold about 400,000 units, but I honestly think that the PS3's price needs to drop to $299 before LBP can really start connecting with a different audience and really start selling the way it should be selling.

I know that Sony was touting LBP as a system seller, but I NEVER thought that it would be a system seller with the PS3's price at $399.

After the holiday season is over, I'm pretty sure that Microsoft's advertising will start to slow down considerably, and when that happens Sony has to take advantage of the situation and advertise the HELL out of Killzone 2, LBP, Resistance 2, and other PS3 exclusives and drop the PS3's price by $100 dollars before E3 next year.

thor3674d ago

Yes the price is still going to be a big barrier.

I'm always shocked that people think that a Wii/360 will be cheaper, however. Because most of the money that you spend on a console (in the long term) is spent on games/accessories (unless you're not planning on buying any games...)

The Lazy One3674d ago

depends on how many games you get. If you're here, you'll probably more than eclipse the money spent on the system with the games you by, but for an average casual gamer, the extra 4 games you could get with the price difference (@ 50-60 bucks not including bundles) is a lot. It could even be half the games you purchase this gen.

Or if you go a different route and get various rental plans with unlimited games for ~1 year.

regardless, it's still $200.

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