Fallout 3 and Oblivion are leaving Xbox Game Pass

More games are set to leave Xbox Game Pass. The two backwards compatible titles, Oblivion and Fallout 3 will be dropping out of the service soon. Grab any achievements you might need ASAP.

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hentaicollector46d ago

Good. No one wants to play those games on consoles. Time to make room for something better.

THC CELL46d ago

I play them on PlayStation now and they never leave


Playstation Now caters more towards people who like older 3rd party titles whereas Game Pass caters to people who like newer games.

will31346d ago

They wont leave PSNow because you can only stream them, you can't buy them. Games leave Game Pass because while they are on there; they can purchased at a reduced price. Anyone who wants to play these games on XB 1 can just buy them because the machine has native backwards compatibility. Limited time deals just means the company doesn't want the game on the service at a discounted price forever. Makes sense because these two games are dirt cheap anyway.

Rude-ro46d ago

@logicwins having multiple copies/versions of the same AAA games does not make the selection better.
They offer like 3 titles that can be called new.
If anything, it is ruining your new AAA games per being cheaper products or over priced indies..
But they literally list 3 versions of a tomb raider game and 2 versions of gears 5
90% are fluff titles that should be a part of the the free monthly games the current live subscription service works.

Kribwalker46d ago

False. Games also leave PSnow

Sony has announced its plans for PlayStation Now over the next few months. In case you'd forgotten, the platform holder added a bunch of high-end PS4 games to the cloud-based service, including God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and Grand Theft Auto V. The bad news is these games will be removed from PS Now from 2nd January 2020.”

UnholyLight46d ago

Anyone who owns both consoles knows that there is no comparison between Game Pass and Playstation Now lets be real.

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Yui_Suzumiya46d ago

I'm playing Fallout 3 right now on my PlayStation 3 and I've been playing it since it launched in 2008. Some classics never get old 😁

TargusX46d ago Show
umair_s5146d ago

These are two great games

Christopher46d ago

Wait, what? Two of the best games from early lasts generation aren't good enough for consoles? Get outta here with that, please.

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DJStotty46d ago

All this means is the timed deal is expiring, thats what a game leaving the service means.

Smellsforfree46d ago

> Grab any achievements you might need ASAP.
Or, just wait until the next sale and pick them up for $9 or less.

Father__Merrin46d ago

What happens if your still half way through the game and it's taken out of gamepads is the game still there for you to play it?

timotim46d ago

You can purchase the game at a discounted price and continue playing without having to re-download.

bluefox75546d ago

Inb4 games leaving a service is somehow a good thing.

timotim46d ago

It's not like we as subscribers don't already understand this fact. No one lied to us or promised the games will stay on the service forever. These games have been on the service for a while now...anyone that discovered it through XGP and fell in love with them had ample time to play and beat these games...for all others, they can purchase them at a discounted price and continue playing.

Atom66646d ago

Timed deals are better for the devs and pubs because it alleviates a lot of the speculation over potential negative impacts with going the subcription route, and it allows them to renegotiate higher asking prices on renewels if the game proves popular on the service.

Timed deals are also more effective for the service provider to properly allot funding to new contracts.

Keeping the list of available titles to a curated number prevents new titles from getting buried in an unending pile of older titles.

New titles are more of an interest to attracting subscribers than 10 year old BC games.

And hey, it gives people who don't use it but don't let that stop them from hating on it everyday something to talk about.

Good things all around!

gangsta_red46d ago

Inb4 games leaving a service is somehow now a surprise.