Top 3 Massively Underrated Sega Genesis Games

While you often hear about games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and Gunstar Heroes, there are plenty of underrated Sega Genesis games that deserve their time in the spotlight.

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Relientk771616d ago

Comix Zone is amazing and it sucks we never got a sequel or more of it.

lifeisgamesok1616d ago

Comix Zone, Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe were some of my favorites on the Genesis

P_Bomb1616d ago

Loved me some Golden Axe. They got the better version of Strider too.

lifeisgamesok1616d ago

@P_Bomb Golden Axe was so underrated. I regret not playing Strider back in the day

Knightofelemia1616d ago

Ristar should be thrown on that list

isarai1616d ago

Beyond Oasis, really wish Sega would revive that ip

N1GHT_W0LF_X1616d ago

"Top 10 Sega Genesis games that get no love!!"

Proceeds to name 3 games that are included in almost every Genesis collection/compilation.

CosmicTurtle1616d ago

It says Top three (now). But it is an underwhelming list regardless of quantitative quibbles.

Tross1616d ago

True. The real underrated classics would not have made it onto those collections and I'm sure there are many. That Taz game I rented once comes to mind.

lifeisgamesok1616d ago

I wonder if anyone besides me ever played the platformer Boogerman

Rebel_Scum1616d ago

Nah man you're the only one out how 7.53 billion people. Buy a lotto ticket.

lifeisgamesok1616d ago

I meant anyone on the forum but thanks lol

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Leaked RDNA 4 features: AMD to catch up in RT - doubled RT intersect engine could come to PS5 Pro

A partially redacted data sheet highlighting the expected ray tracing features coming to RDNA 4 GPUs has been shared by well-known hardware information leaker @Kepler_L2. We expect the features to also be present in the hybrid RDNA 3 + RDNA 4 RT design coming to PS5 Pro when it launches (presumably) later this year or early next year. The leaked data points seem to confirm that advancing ray tracing technology is going to be a major focus of RDNA 4.

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Einhander197212h ago

This will be the actual start to Ray Tracing on consoles, I'm really looking forward to seeing what PSSR is capable of as well.

I can't wait to see what games designed around this can do.

sagapo12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Don’t hope for anything major imo. RT remains a power consuming feature and I don’t think a pro version will make all that much difference. Higher frames (say 60fps) with RT features as they are now would be a big win if that would be the case. If RT features would be extended, games will probably stick at 30fps like they do now, is that worth a pro upgrade?

Einhander197211h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Zero first, second or major third party console exclusives have lacked a 60 fps mode on PlayStation, 30 fps is an xbox problem.

The GPU alone statistically offers 40% uplift, and with PSSR upscaling games designed around the console should have a significant performance uplift.

And my understanding is that RT has been largely decoupled from the CU's in RDNA 4 so the performance hit from RT should be much less than on current AMD GPUS. And regardless, the huge number of RT cores with the doubled RT intersect engine should be able to power through RT in a way that simply is not possible on current consoles.

FinalFantasyFanatic5h ago

I really hope so, AMD has been pretty far from Nvidia's performance on Ray Tracing, so to see such a huge uplift, with greater performance and efficiency is a big win.

Destiny10805h ago

if astro bot is fully raytraced / 60fps on the pro model, we can start believing the hype

Whitey2k42m ago

There's gonna be quite a difference between ps5 and ps5 pro compared to ps4 and ps4 pro


The Cloud Gaming Graveyard: Dead Cloud Gaming Services

We take a walk around the Cloud Gaming Graveyard - listing all the failed cloud gaming services over the last decade.

We discuss the ups, the downs, and overall history of this technology. Turns out running a successful cloud gaming service that addresses the various technical hurdles and actually makes money is a real challenge.

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Chocoburger1d 9h ago

I'm sure that there will be more to come in the future.