Marvel's Avengers Game Characters Redesign Shows New Thor Look and Other Changes

It would seem like Crystal Dynamics has heard some of the fan's feedback and have once again done some Avengers game characters redesign/changes for Thor!

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cloganart48d ago

Glad they are listening to feedback! Shows they care.

wwinterj47d ago

They models look better too. The game is still a while away so things will only improve. I'll be honest though I'm more interested in how long the single player will be and how good it'll be than character models.

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Tedakin48d ago

The issue I think is the costumes. There's this uncanny valley problem where we've looked at Downey Jr., Hemsworth and the rest for 11 years so when suddenly the faces are changed, our brains reject it. Especially when they're wearing movie accurate costumes. They should have made the default costumes different from the movies. Total redesigns from the films, not just the faces, everything.

Segata48d ago

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 did it right in going for a very comic book style. Some of the costumes have an MCU influence sure but they still feel very much their own thing. This Square game is trying too hard to look realistic and no matter what they do, it looks like people cosplaying as the MCU as you say.

Tedakin48d ago

Yeah as someone hilariously said a while back. It's like that scene in Spaceballs where they capture the stunt doubles. "These are not them!"

-Foxtrot48d ago

The issue is they’ve tried to look like films without going fully into it design wise

They shouldn’t have done it at all, but more their classic looks in the comics

Nitrowolf248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Agreed. They tried to make to too close to the MCU versions when they could have gone more comic accurate. Though I feel the engine they are using may also be playing a part in how bad some of them look.
Either way, I'm not fond of the MCU look that they are going with.

At least they are offering Alternative skins that i'll probably prefer more

rainslacker47d ago

Happens when you read a book after watching the TV or movie version of it. I mean, who here has read The Witcher after playing the games, and when they visualize Geralt, they picture him from the game? I currently reading the Expanse novels and the descriptions of the characters are often different very different than the show, but i still see the actors who play them.

KillBill47d ago

It isn't that the faces don't match the movie actors... it is that most characters don't even match the comic character portrayal. They come across as B-Movie actor roles simply pulling someone off the street and throwing them into a costume.

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Segata48d ago

They still look generic. They look like one of the default create a character options. They just have a terrible lead artist

Christopher48d ago

It's an easy fix, just run a mission 100 times to get that rare skin to unlock the good one OR buy some chests to open and unlock it sooner!

TheKingKratos48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

* It's an easy fix, just run a mission 100 times to get that rare skin *


Chevalier47d ago

Watch them sell the previous designs as alternate costumes. Lol

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LucasRuinedChildhood48d ago

Generic, poorly realized characters are one of Crystal Dynamics's biggest problems so I'm not surprised that this issue is carrying over to the Avenger's game.

mkis00747d ago

I said this as its own comment, but this kinda ties into what you are saying I think. For me the characters don't have enough texture detail, they look too smooth, especially their faces.

banshyork48d ago

There is something lacking in the game engine itself

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