Five IP That Telltale/LCG Entertainment Need to Tackle Next

Mark writes: "On August 29, 2019, it was announced that LCG Entertainment announced an acquisition of a majority of Telltale Games assets and relaunched the company under the name Telltale. So, we’re going to countdown the top 5 IP (intellectual property) that Telltale needs to tackle after The Wolf Among Us 2."

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro529d ago

Spider-Man please. I would love it to have the same kind of atmosphere as Spider-Man The New Animated Series from 2003 had.

KilluaX3529d ago

Holy fuck yes. Loved that series, and especially the intro. Great atmosphere.

Knightofelemia529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

TMNT, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats, Transformers, Silver Hawks would be franchises I would be interested in seeing

Chevalier529d ago

Thundercats all the way for me

DarthSocio529d ago

I just want Tales From The Borderlands season 2 and Batman season 3

grifter024529d ago

They didn't know how to handle their flagship Clementine so I have no hope for these others.

Smokehouse529d ago

Wolf among us was their top tier. I think doing all of these dumb spinoffs is what killed them off in the first place. Don’t oversaturate the market when you have a monopoly on it. When there was game of thrones and borderlands I lost interest. I will buy wolf among us 2 on day one though. It was smart to go there, dont f**k it up by milking 5 other franchises in a seasonal episodic model. Take your time and make a 60 dollar game.

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