Announcement: Community forum closure

Hello, Beginning 27th February, the PlayStation forums will no longer be available.

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NecrumOddBoy46d ago

Interesting because I'm very curious to know if this correlates with the PlayStation 5 and what Sony is doing with the community moving forward

Obscure_Observer46d ago ShowReplies(10)
xTonyMontana45d ago

How would it? No community app or feature can replace forums especially for those of us at work on our PCs.

CaptainHenry91645d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Obscure_Observer Needs some help lol. It will be interested to see what's next for PlayStation in the world of communications.

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Evolve45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I believe something new is coming that it can't be integrated with the old system.

sho0ok_245d ago

So you are saying even their forums are not Backward compatible? /sarcasm

Evolve45d ago

Most veteran users/ moderators lost their archives when Sony upgraded to forums 2.0, right before they announced (My PlayStation). Where the BC you're talking about when it happened?

sho0ok_245d ago

"Where the BC you're talking about when it happened?"

Being remastered :)

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

I laughed.
I mean ... accurate .. but I laughed.

I'm genuinely appreciative that 5 will be compatible with 4 games though.

Evolve45d ago

I've lost 4 years of localized content, articles, and comments during that upgrade.

rainslacker45d ago

They're just moving them to a new server. Making sony products more of an ecosystem kind of like samsung does. Itll be more like one login for all services. This was laid out last year I believe. At the time the exact details weren't made known, but it makes the most sense. Would be nice if they transfer the posts from the forums over onto a new service. There is some good info in there that would take time to populate again.

gamer780444d ago

they would say that in an annoucement in the forums like, these forums are moving! etc. Sounds like a cost savings to me.

rainslacker44d ago

Could be. But I know they're trying to centralize their different products and services under one account structure. It is possible that their plans don't involve specific PS forums like they are closing up, but I'm sure their general Sony forums will have some place to discuss PS.

Either way, it's not signaling any trouble, and even if Sony was just abandoning forums altogether, I doubt it would make much difference. They were pretty inconsistent in their help on the public forums, and generally, using their customer service forums on Sony, or even their facebook page got more immediate results.

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RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That is bizarre. They could at least say why.

2pacalypsenow45d ago

I used the forums during the PS2 and PS3 days but after they updated it around 2014 it was a mess as I barely used them.

Sophisticated_Chap45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I think it was more around 2010 when they changed the format. Before that though, the forums were awesome, and easy to find what you were looking for. Microsoft's forums are not much better than Sony's forums right now either. I can't understand why they have to mess with something that should be so simple, and then basically hide everything, and make you search through their local search in order to find a thread. Steam is where it's at when it comes to forums these days, since it's still pretty much an oldschool system. Although, the Steam forums were better when they were still the old "Steam Powered User Forums".

2pacalypsenow45d ago

Yeah it was after that, that I stopped using them .

rainslacker45d ago

I havent been a fan of the forums the way they are now. To many searches return single post questions, and any answers are buried. I hope if they do something new, they fix that.

If they make it like their dev forums, that'd be great, because those are well moderated, the search function works well, and similar posts are grouped together if new answers are given to questions asked prior.

NarooN45d ago

I left for good around that time. I signed up in early 2005 and was active up until around 2010 or so. They kept changing the site and removing many of the older subforums and forums for specific games. So much useful and cool information, just permanently lost to time, and for no good reason. Honestly even back then some of the admins and mods were biased and woefully inept, so it didn't surprise me that the forums fell into the shitter down the line.

Tross45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That is when I left too. I was one of the MVPs letting the current (at the time) admins know I didn’t like their proposed changes. Alas, this was also when us “old” MVPs who liked things the way they were before were in the minority as we were quickly being displaced by the newbies, many of whom hadn’t even made a single post on the PlayStation forums prior to becoming an MVP, and who were perfectly fine with the changes. So, I made tracks.

I will be eternally grateful for that admin team sending me to E3 in 2013 along with a lot of other MVPs, but I’ll never forget that they closed so many sub-forums, all of which were their own little communities that meant a lot to so many people, myself included, just so they could dump everything in the General board. The people who voted for the change had no concept of what those communities meant to some of us as a good portion of them had never posted on the forums prior to voting for the changes. The community I was so passionate about died that day.

Truth be told, there were changes I was none too thrilled about happening prior to that, and many of us MVPs hopped onto a different forum for a while before coming back to that one, but that was the final nail in the coffin for me and some of my forum pals.

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