Microsoft Will Pay You Up To $20,000 To Report Bugs

Microsoft's new Xbox Bounty program allows users to earn money for reporting bugs. Some reports can pay up to $20,000 for finding security vulnerabilities.

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SickSinceSix50d ago

Wish Bugthesda did this, Elder Scrolls VI would make me a millionaire

RazzerRedux50d ago

This isn't for common and trivial bugs that cause glitches or something small. This is ONLY for finding and documenting security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft does this for all its products.

nommers50d ago

Up to, meaning unless it’s a truly big issue where MS could be sued, the tiers below that amount start at about a dollar and go down from there.

rainslacker49d ago

MS has done this for a long time. I don't know if it was ever official until recently, or the program may have been different. When I worked in IT, I found vulnerabilities in their software and sent them along to MS to fix. The company I worked for got paid for it instead of me though. Guess they felt since they were paying me, they deserved it, which was in my contract, so I never thought about it.

windblowsagain50d ago

I just found a bug. It's the xbox series x.

l33t_haxx0r50d ago

My xbox one has a bug, when I go to the store from the console I cannot see any games... Can I has money now?

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The story is too old to be commented.