Honest Gamers: Back at the Barnyard: Slop Bucket Games Review

Honest Gamers: "More disappointing, though, is the lack of humor that makes the show fun. Yes, I love seeing Peck the rooster splat into a bullseye during the Chicken Launch. But before any event is unlocked for the first time, your character has to run around the yard collecting the necessary equipment. Otis the cow, Pip the mouse, Pig (the pig), and the rest of the gang are standing at attention throughout the environment. This downtime would be the perfect opportunity for them to crack jokes or tell funny stories. But everyone is all business, shilling their event and turning you out as quickly as possible. A little more personality would've gone a long way. As it is, this misuse of Back at the Barnyard teeters on the edge of the slop bucket."

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