Metro Redux on Switch: just how close to PS4 does it get?


Over the last ten years, 4A Games has built a reputation for pushing technology to new heights - from the original, remarkable Metro 2033 to last year's Metro Exodus - an open world showcase with beautiful ray traced global illumination. However, the firm also enjoyed success with their current-gen Metro Redux remasters, and now those titles are available for Nintendo Switch. Yes, it's another Switch port we're tackling but this time, the original developer has taken point on bringing the games across and as it's 4A you know you're in for something special.

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SurgicalMenace5d ago

Why is this even a question, it's a PS3 game.🤷🏾‍♂️

Neonridr5d ago

The Redux versions would have made the PS3 crash.

SurgicalMenace5d ago

Why because of resolution? Man, don't get carried away. It's STILL a PS3 game, there's no arguing with that, right?😂😂

2pacalypsenow5d ago

Yeah only so much you can do with 256 mb of ram.

I don’t think 2033 even came out on PS3

Neonridr2d ago

@SurgicalMenace - then why didn't the PS3 get the Redux version? It's cute that you literally think it was just some enhanced resolution and that was the only change they made.

SurgicalMenace2d ago

It is a last gen game, get Exodus on the Switch and compare it to PS4 & XB1....goofy.

Neonridr1d 16h ago

@SurgicalMenace - that still didn't stop the PS4 and XB1 from getting those exact same versions too. This has nothing to do with the fact that the original games were 360/PS3 titles, nobody is denying that. These are enhanced versions that were released for current gen machines.

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awdevoftw5d ago

I mean, it's cool its portable and all, but man..... its rough.

SurgicalMenace5d ago

Don't tell them that, they'll blow a gasket.😂

iplay1up25d ago

Uh, in the video they specifically said how consistently and smoothly they ran.

Neonridr2d ago

so your word trumps Digital Foundry's analysis? Interesting..

CrimsonWing695d ago

not close judging by other games.