The Atari Lynx Collection 1 cartridge is dropping in Q3 2020

Evercade, the brand new handheld retro gaming console, today announced the next cartridge in its library - a brand new Atari® Lynx cartridge with 17 games including: Scrapyard Dog, Basketbrawl, Super Asteroids/Missile Command®, Awesome Golf, Crystal Mines II (the Atari Lynx Collection 1 cartridge is dropping in Q3 2020).

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Vits51d ago

The Lynx was such a weird device. There was a lot of power inside that "small" thing, but the software library was anything to write home about.

TGG_overlord51d ago

This is one of the few video game consoles that I have never owned or played on. However, that's pretty much the image that I got of the Atari Lynx based on reviews and whatnot.

darthv7251d ago

Lynx version of hydra, roadblasters and xybots were very fun and well made ports of the arcade.

Pit fighter... not so much.

TGG_overlord51d ago

I picked up "Pit Fighter" for the mega drive back in the day. Well, the game didn't exactly live up to my expectations...As for the other games that you mentioned, at least those suck a**.

Ratchet7551d ago

Toki on lynx was excellent.

Einhander197151d ago

A powerful system let down by the software, not all but most of it.

racer2251d ago

Some good memories for me.Lynx was amazing for its time! I remember playing klax, California games and APB. Such fun times and great device that deserved better.