Activision Needs To Stop Releasing Call Of Duty Games Every Year

If there’s any series of video games that prove you can have too much of a good thing, it’s Call Of Duty.

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CrimsonWing695d ago

Annual releases for most series needs to stop.

fiveby95d ago (Edited 5d ago )

EA is also releasing the same sports game with minor tweaks every year. The odds of this practice stopping is extremely low. Until people stopping buying the product it will continue. If other's chose to buy these products annually, I guess that's there business. It's just not for me.

MajorLazer5d ago

Not only that, they make fools buy the same Ultimate Team packs for pretty much the same players every year.

JackBNimble5d ago

EA has been doing this for the last 30 years .

1Victor5d ago

It’s simple If you want it to stop then STOP BUYING IT EVERY YEAR. When the money drop they’ll slowdown the release or move to something better

SyntheticForm5d ago

The people who are in their late thirties who started CoD at CoD 2 - those are the ones who are over it. Mostly anyway.

It's the younger generations who are keeping the coals hot. They saw their parents playing it when they were young and now they're into it. Also, if a few of their classmates are into it - just a few - that's all it takes for interest to grow.

Then we have one of the biggest factors that keeps this thing going, and that's the "influencers" and hype people who get perks from Activision and the developers to attend game "premiers" all expenses paid. Every generation of CoD player needs to be fed up at the same time and abstain from CoD and its promoters for even a slim chance of change.

I don't think we're there yet.

chrisoadamson5d ago

I stopped after advanced warfare

Michiel19894d ago

@synthetic u just described my relation with CoD. I bought CoD 1 on release when I was 13-15 and enjoyed it for a good while, when they released Modern Warfare 1 it seemed like CoD was unstoppable. World at war was great as well imo, but when MW2 released I felt so disconnected from the game. Too much killstreaks to customize, nukes/drones/bombships were constantly over the map. Ever since then it went downhill for CoD rapidly, the games became too crazy for me at least. Every now and then there was an entry that was allright, but none that could get me as hooked as CoD1 or MW1 did.

Funny thing was that Titanfall 1 got me hooked again, Vince Zampbella (not sure if i write that correctly) knows how to get me hooked at least!

I do think the younger generation and casual gamers is the cause of series like this, doesnt mean they are to blame for it. I remember being young and wanting the newest game in each series as well regardless of what reviews said. There is probably a lot of casual gamers that don't really care about the state of the industry and just want to have fun with the newest entry in a series. Those people will buy the new releases regardless of how good or bad a game is, because they will have fun with it regardless. Sad to see a lot of series ruined by these yearly releases, but I don't think there is any stopping to it for the forseeable future.

outsider16244d ago

Or just buy it alternate years. Skip a year and buy the next. But then there's wwe2k20.:-(. I bought 2k18, skipped 19 and waited for Thank God for critic/user reviews.

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bluefox7555d ago

Why? People keep buying them, so why shouldn't they meet the demand? I don't even like CoD, but lots of people do.

Fist4achin5d ago

That's true. Can't blame them for making money off of the demand. I'll admit I am a sucker for their campaigns.

Army_of_Darkness5d ago

Want them to stop making it, then stop buying it and eventually, they'll get the point.

badz1495d ago

Releasing every year and becoming the best selling game that year every year and the one before that, almost always end up as the 2nd best selling game of that year too. So there is clearly a huge demand for CoD and if I'm Activision, I would also never wanting the gravy train to stop because who doesn't like money??

unsungzero6125d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I can't speak for everyone, but I think that's the thing I dislike about CoD the most. The annual release is purely money driven. They may not even have anything from a gameplay standpoint they want to add that substantially improves what they've already done or they don't have some fascinating story they want to tell. Just squeeze out another one and hold out your hand. It's even worse that they've got piles of money and could take a chance on a new IP if they wanted to.

GreenDragonCVR5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Especially when they use those filthy bucks to publish Sekiro. Everyone benefits. Except the poor bastards who confused CoD for an actual game.

unsungzero6125d ago

I guess Sekiro was the exception. I do distinctly remember everyone waiting with bated breath wondering how they were going to screw it up, but it all worked out.

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MrVux0005d ago (Edited 5d ago )

So long as soo many people keep buying them annually, they will continue releasing them annually.

ssmilloy365d ago

they make enough money drop the pc drm

why when my internet went down i wasn't allowed to play campaign

i paid for it dang it

ssmilloy364d ago

how the disagrees. internet down. can't play. ignant

RazzerRedux5d ago

lol.....words you will never hear a Activision stockholder say.

Kabaneri5d ago

Unless Treyarch knocks it out of the park this year I think people will keep playing MW for a while. Hopefully it gets a next gen patch.

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