The Dreams campaign is stylish but... is that it?

Robert Purchese: "I can't shake the feeling Art's Dream is a bit of a cop out. It's like Media Molecule saying, look, that's as far as we got (for whatever reason), you guys are going to have to do the rest. Viewed alone, as a piece of content someone made in Dreams, for Dreams, it's outstanding, but it is not the spine Dreams as a package needs. And that worries me."

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badz14911d ago

The hate against Dreams begin. As it's getting tremendous reviews and is delivering on its promises, the bias media will try to find a way to crap on it just because it's a PS exclusive. F you Eurogamer, you POS bias site. I don't see you complaining about Mario Maker in your high praise for the game which is $60 but not even a quarter as powerful of a tools compared to Dreams and Dreams is only $40. While you're at it, go complain at Minecraft too because that "game" basically has no campaign whatsoever. WTF?

Good-Smurf11d ago

Without Digital Foundry they're dead simple as that.
They been on roll lately just recently blasted at Sonic The Hedgehog movie calling it "A charmless cut-and-paste job"

frostypants10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

This. Mario Maker is basically a watered down LittleBigPlanet. Good for what it is but not in the same universe as Dreams.

fr0sty10d ago

*MM creates their own genre, then recreates it with a groundbreaking game.*

Eurogamer: "It just... it lacks... something... I'm worried."

SyntheticForm10d ago

I may get some crap for this but I think they're just being British.

Knushwood Butt10d ago


Most British people wouldn't be, 'worried'.

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wwinterj11d ago

if something is popular they will find a way to hate it. IF something is hated they will find a way to praise it. Why? They just want a hot take that gets them traffic. Best ignored.

AK9111d ago

Once again games journalism proving out of touch they are with the medium.

bluefox75511d ago

Par for the course these days. I don't believe that most of them are actual gamers.

CrimsonWing6911d ago

I don’t think most of them are journalists

SyntheticForm10d ago

It's not just being out of touch, it's that Eurogamer know what Dreams is about. They know what it's going for at its core, which is a creation tool.

Arguing that it doesn't have a campaign or what other games have is disingenuous. They know damn well what MM were going for in Dreams, and they're sticking their noses up at it anyway.

Also, Dreams is one of the finest tools of its type, easily rivaling the heck out of Mario Maker, Mario Paint, etc.

Muzikguy10d ago

Yes and from a site that has been doing that quite often

Nacho_Z11d ago

Like giving a football a bad review because you have to kick it yourself.

1Victor11d ago

Lol nacho comment got disagreed by America’s NFL players association

frostypants10d ago

This analogy is so perfect...

Futureshark11d ago

Amazing, he totally missed the point of the Dreams 'Campaign'. It's obviously a demo of what can be done with the tools available to inspire people of what can be achieved.
I always find it amusing to read when 'Journalists' are 'worried' about things, it usually leads to some clickbait b*llsh1t.

jukins11d ago

Did you even read it? Maybe read it again. This article is about what media molecule could or couldnt do with the tools. In the very first paragraph he acknowledges the the point of demoing what could be done with the tools but feels media molecule shouldve done more with the campaign.

Cant blame the journalists when cant even understand his point. For example look at little big planet each campaign showcased what could be done yet was good enough to be sold as a game on it's own boss battles different genres gameplay each with multiple worlds themes and such. The writer just feels media molecule shouldve and couldve done more.

Ninver11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

This is a case of "you'll never finish so release it". The amount on offering is far too vast for anyone to complain about "they could have done more?"

Ofcourse they could have done more. But that would also mean we would never get a release date.

jjb198111d ago

Its not a campaign, bruh.

hardcorehippiez11d ago

You do realise that it was all made in dreams. MM have said that they will be supporting this for 10 years. They will be doing more just like everyone else and sharing and developing assets and games within the game universe.Show me one game that has launched with this much content. Seems to me that some journalists have no patience to let things develop before jumping in with there bullshit rhetoric . So in short no thats not it all, there will be more and anyone passing on this software is missing out . Simple as that.

11d ago
sushimama10d ago

NO. He's FAKING concern just to have a topic to write about.

ziggurcat10d ago

"he acknowledges the the point of demoing what could be done with the tools but feels media molecule shouldve done more with the campaign."

It's not the campaign...

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frostypants10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

What do they even mean by "that worries me"? What's gonna happen? It's such a dishonest, passive aggressive way to say "I don't like this". That's before getting into how dumb his complaint is in the first place.

Eurogamer seems to go out of their way to write contrarian clickbait nonsensical drivel. And you know what? This worries me...I am so, so worried...

Vanfernal11d ago

Judging a platform of endless possibilities in terms of community created content based on the "campaign"... That's like worrying about Photoshop saying the tutorials don't do full artworks. You are missing the point...

Fluttershy7711d ago

Yeah but this is not photoshop, it's a game and as a journalist you might want to let people know is not like other games, you could be distracted or just a moron and expect the campaign to be longer

Juusterey11d ago

It's what they call a comparison

frostypants10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

No, it's not a game. It's a toolkit for making games. The included demo game is a bonus. Are people really not grasping this or is it willful dishonesty?

The Photoshop analogy is 100% on point.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Letting people know what it's about, and being worried because the campaign is not like what you have in other games are two very different things.

Dreams will be as good or bad as the content that gets created for it. The important part about reviewing it is to acknolwedge that it's not a traditional game, and that the content is going to be dependent on the community, but then review the tools available for those that want to create and how easy it is to share such creations, and the ease of use by which people can get content created by others.

The campaign is more of a side note to say it's there, and that it's really just a way to demonstrate the kinds of things that can be done in dreams. Nothing to be concerned about.

Some versions of Unreal Engine or Unity came with small game demos, and never once have I seen those engines be reviewed based on said demo, or any concern being relayed because of it.

Muzikguy10d ago

Could we assume this journalist a moron then? The fake concern over a "campaign" is unwarranted. These types of articles can have merit at times but not like this. The game has been developed this entire generation. People should know what it's about. If the "concern" is that people won't then review it like you should and tell us. Don't complain because of stuff like this

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