Media Molecule opens Dreams' creations to commercial use

Personal and commercial use of music, animation, films, and art made in Dreams will be allowed outside the game

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closed_account311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I feel like this should have been done in the beginning, to give incentive for more creators to jump into Dreams. Shouldn't have been now, as it's on its last leg.

It really makes no sense to kill this game off right after the PSVR2 came out. It's amazing being able to easily create your own VR games and play others'.

purple101310d ago

Yeh didn't it have move and Pseye support. Psvr 2 bring way way more accurate would be a perfect match.

It didn't sell amazingly well despite bringing lots of innovation to the table.

I'm sure they will put everything they learnt and put into a new realise. I guess that's the most logical thing to do at this point

purple101310d ago

Sorry that's typo I know it had move support. Haha. Fangdang it

FyBy310d ago

This game/app is great. I loved it from the beginning. Sony should make ps5 and psvr2 compatible version with shared content with ps4 users. Also I would love to pay for some good content. Sony should made it from beginning. It would encourage people to make more content..... I think :-)

solideagle310d ago

+ it should be on PC as well. imagine PC devs/community making awesome content that might be playable full games on PS4/5...

AdonisIsBeast310d ago

Sony was too hands off. They should have met with the studio in the beginning to explain the potential to them right at release to open this tech. Companies that offer potential financial incentive has the most growth opportunity

Amplitude310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

They're literally stopping support on this game and they drop this now?
What a disappointment from Sony on this game. This should have had a huge marketing push, a PC tool for creation and this exact feature that dropped today - but on day one. The creation tools also should have been free to suck people into the game. Hell, the creation tools should have been directly accessible from the PS5 OS imo - making it less of a game and more of an app. No Move support for the first couple months was also awful considering that's how it was marketed and how it's way easier to create in a 3D space. Total lack of PS5 feature support was so lame too (beyond the wider thermometer limit). PSVR2 support could have helped alleviate the lack of major VR IPs but here we are

Instead we got absolutely no marketing, the world's dumbest soft launch before the full launch, a pretty incomplete game on launch, impossible to find physical copies on day one (i had to drive two hours to get mine), and a total lack of really any support. The only reason any of my gaming friends even know what Dreams is is because of me.

Game was murdered by a thousand tiny little cuts and it's legitimately all Sony's fault for rushing the release feature-incomplete and providing no marketing. I don't think they get enough flak for it. Media Molecule built something that could have been a masterpiece but RIP

Nacho_Z310d ago

I would usually stick up for Sony but when you're right you're right, and you are.

Big missed opportunity.

closed_account310d ago

Yea, I think any real hardcore Dreams fan will openly admit Sony fumbled this game bad. The game itself was amazing and could have blown up as big as Rec Room or Roblox if they had added multiplayer. It just never received the push it deserved from Sony. Media Molecule on the otherhand did do an admirable job cultivating the community with jam sessions and things like the Impy Awards, yearly Halloween haunted houses.

Man, I'm going to miss those things and can only hope they're stopping Dreams support so they can announce a Dreams 2. (with multiplayer!) One that has the PS5 power in mind first and foremost. Many of the latest VR creations could only run on PS5.

fr0sty310d ago

Something tells me their next game might actually be fixing some of those problems, and this might just be a taste of it.

closed_account310d ago

That was my thought and hope too. Dreams was truly special and a concept that shouldn't be thrown in the garbage bin of gaming history. It deserves a followup that evolves it in every way!

northpaws310d ago

I feel like it never got a proper marketing push, it is an amazing piece of software

phoenixwing310d ago

They could have basically made a Playstation version of roblox and made millions to billions

closed_account310d ago

Yep! Multiplayer was the biggest thing missing for me. I play Rec Room regularly with my nephew, we have a ton of nonsensical fun, but my thought when I'm there is always "Man, creations are so much cooler in Dreams. I want THIS experience in Dreams."

phoenixwing310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I bought dreams early on and it's good fun but if they had any sense they would have expanded on it and taken a cut of sales and added it to pc because why not? I'm pretty sure the reason the president of media molecule left was because sony treated it like a side project for them. It's a huge missed opportunity.

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Dreams Creator Regrets Lack Of PC Versions, Next Project Is "More Of A Game Than A Creation Tool"

Media Molecule director said the studio's next title is more a game & less a creation tool. He also regrets not having a PC version of Dreams.

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-Foxtrot13d ago

If there was one PC version that should have existed it’s Dreams

I’m super glad they will be going back to something more traditional gaming wise.

Cacabunga13d ago

I’m sure they’ll find something creative to implement like Tearaway on vita. What a gem 💎 that thing was!!!

Abear2113d ago

My dream was DreamsVR and creating landscapes, characters, and sculptures using that amazing toolbox in vr, that would have been something imo.

ocelot0713d ago

I thought It has vr support?

Amplitude13d ago

It did but it came out as an update LONG after the game was essentially dead

P_Bomb13d ago

Dreams PC was the dream. Woulda given the game a much needed boost. Here’s hoping they follow it up well.

phoenixwing13d ago

If sony had any sense they'd be making a pc version pronto

mkis00713d ago

They probably ran into the same problem they did with the potential of last of us factions....the support needed was just too much to consider expanding to more platforms for a smallish studio.

Abnor_Mal13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I use to say this when the game was first releasing, many kept saying it would not be possible, something about the toolsets.

I said this was one game that needed to be on as many platforms as possible, including PC and Xbox just like how Minecraft is everywhere.