A Remake of MediEvil 2 Could be on its Way

The MediEvil remake is great! It’s a solid reminder as to why we fell in love with Sir Daniel Fortesque in the first place. Now, it looks like the sequel, MediEvil 2 could also have a remake on its way.
After a recent tweet by the game’s composer Andrew Barnabas, it seems we might be in for another beautifully re-made adventure as the lovably dim-witted, un-dead hero.

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53d ago Replies(3)
monkey60253d ago

It really should have been a collection to begin with I think

Donnie8153d ago

Great I enjoyed the first one

Relientk7753d ago

They should have just put both games together, but of course that would be convenient and make them less money.

TheEnigma31353d ago (Edited 53d ago )

you just answered your own question. They will be in one set after the second comes and goes.

Fist4achin53d ago

Sucks to not come out with the 1st, but I'm glad to see it happening!

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